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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Palin, 2012 and my political crystal ball.

I've been wondering what Sarah Palin's game is since resigning as Alaska's Governor. Some times it felt like she was testing the waters of a Presidential candidacy, sometimes not. I've always felt she isn't going to go away, she's several scores to settle with both sides of the political aisle and seems to relish being a power broker. At the same time she has to realize how the deck is stacked against her direct involvement.

But now I think I might have a good guess. She'll continue playing the endorsement game, with every win of a candidate she backs her status as kingmaker grows. She'll cheerfully eat that right up, because it seems to really irritate the powers that be when she seems to influence things. Think of her as the zombie soccer mom who won't go away.

When 2012 arrives she'll come out with a full throttle endorsement of a Presidential candidate. That candidate will be Michelle Bachmann.

Just a hunch of mine and most likely as wrong as a football bat. But hey, this is my blog and I'm entitled to air whatever LoonyTunes belief I have without fear of the boys in white coats.


Adrienne said...

That's a real possibility but I sure hope not. Neither of these ladies (as much as I admire them) has a chance. We need a Paul Ryan or a Jim DeMint to run...

Subvet said...

Really? I'm curious as to why you feel Bachmann doesn't have a chance. I can see it with Palin, the MSM, flaming libs and the "good ole boy" network in the GOP are aligned against her. I don't get the same sense of that with Bachmann.

ignorant redneck said...

i hope that Sarah Palin has figured out that her best role is that of gadfly--to push the republican party to reform it self and to listen to its base.

If she can avoid the lure of power and celebrity.

i would hope also for a dinner date and movie, with as much hope

Subvet said...

IR, gee you sound just the slightest bit skeptical of anyone resisting the power and celebrity status of being in the public eye.

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