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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey B.O., ya forgot something!

One swallow does not a summer make. So when B.O. started citing "freedom of worship" instead of "freedom of religion" I didn't think too much of it. Many voices in the blogosphere noted that the former limited actions to within a structure at a specific time (Sunday Mass in a church, Saturday worship in a synagogue, etc.) but I figured the man is known to say the damndest things that'll hurt him. No big deal. Sure, he'd demonstrated the religious convictions of a turnip but that wouldn't mean he's decidedly against any referencing of God and His involvement with our nation.

But when you recite the preamble to the Declaration of Independence and you're a Constitutional lawyer it says something significant when the words, " their Creator..." are left out. Story found via, here's a text of the speech. The reference to the Declaration is found toward the bottom of the sixth page:

Wassamatter, did the teleprompter hiccup? Get a gas attack from all that arugula? Did Bush cause it? Maybe planning the family's next vacation has resulted in a lack of sleep?


ABNPOPPA said...

I caught that over at Lucy's too. I would love to see the video. If you find it or hear of it let me know. I would love to post that one!!!
Getting late and time for bed. Thanks for praying for Jake.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I saw that in an email sent to me by a friend.

Obama is NO Constitutional Lawyer, and he damn well is no Christian either.

By the by: did you happen to catch Van Sustern a couple of nights ago? Both Greta Van Sustern and Newt Gingrich both stated very emphatically that Obama WAS born in Hawaii. I'd like to know on what do they base their statements, his word? After all, he has never produced a valid long-form birth certificate nor released any of his school records.

MightyMom said...


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