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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lord, let this be my last post...

...on that piece of shit "mega mosque" in NYC.

Seems Antsy Nancy is now calling for an investigation into the resistance to the thing;

Hmmm. Wasn't it just a few years back we kept hearing how dissent was as American as apple pie? That was cited especially about the Iraq War.

Seems our ruling class doesn't like it when John & Joan Q. Public set up on their hind legs and start barking. Well the political elite have already cast a bunch of us as potential right-wing extremists (hello Janet Napolitano). Wonder if my cell will have a window anywhere near by, not that a retired sub sailor would need one of those! But I appreciate a room with a view.

On a related note, a new gun shop opened up near us recently. I stopped by there today, it's like a 2nd Amendment version of Toys R' Us! What a neat place. Packed with customers too!

I've a feeling they'll get a lot of business for the next several years.


Unknown said...

I am against the mosque. Nancy Pelosi is more than welcome to come investigate me. I only wish that my protest was being funded by someone. In this economy, I'll take all the help that I can get! And I'd love the opportunity to sit with the esteemed SOTH over coffee at my kitchen table and discuss it with her. And then sterilize the kitchen.

Vigilis said...

SubVet, let's start calling it "The Barack Hussein Obama Mosque" and see what happens with it.

ignorant redneck said...

I got say, it seems a whole lot like the Dems and their dupes love free speech and organization when they do it, but are shit scared of it when others do it.

They will let any group that marches to their drum organize and spout whatever--even funding some groups with federal money (ACORN!) Yet the simply panic and shout conspiracy when conservatives, or even relativly apolitical folks, voice opposition to their plans.

Fascist bastards.

Subvet said...

Arby, amen on the sterilization afterwards!

Vigilis, love it!

IR c'mon, facists are people too! The comparison really slams them.

Rick said...

Pelosi always thinks in terms of some group funding every action. That's probably how they work so, they think everyone else does too. Also, with regards the Obamosque why do the Dems not consider those affected by it the most i.e. the victims? This is not some abstract philosophical discussion but one that affects people who are still living. Video & rant at

Unknown said...

This morning Rush called our president Imam Obama. That fits.

VSO said...

Queen Nancy can investigate me too, too bad I don't have any funds. It's amazing how the religion of peace trumps everyones rights. What's worse is people like Jason Lewis who just don't get it.

Subvet said...

Rick, those victims and their families probably wouldn't vote Democrat. So therefore they can't be too important, right? Sorry, just trying to put myself in Pelosi's shoes.

Arby, good name for him. Hopefully it sticks.

Vigilis, Jason Lewis and his LGBT friends will wake up only after they're hauled into a court of sharia law.

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