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Saturday, May 08, 2010

R.I.P. Sgt. Randolph A. Sigley

Army Sgt. Randolph A. Sigley
Died April 18, 2010 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom

28, of Richmond, Ky.; assigned to the 2123rd Transportation Company, Kentucky National Guard, Richmond, Ky.; died April 18 in Bagram, Afghanistan. He was found dead in his quarters, and the circumstances are under investigation.

(The following was taken from of Apr. 20, 2010) A Kentucky Army National Guard soldier from Richmond was found dead in his quarters on Sunday at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Randolph A. Sigley Jr., 28, was serving with the Guard's 2123rd Transportation Company based in Richmond, according to the Army.

His death was not combat-related, but the cause has not been determined and is under investigation, said Lt. Col. Kirk Hilbrecht of the Kentucky National Guard.

On Sunday morning, Sigley's bunk mates tried to wake him but he was unresponsive, Hilbrecht said. The soldiers tried to resuscitate him on the spot but were unsuccessful.

Sigley was pronounced dead at 7:43 a.m. local time, about 81/2 hours ahead of Eastern time, Hilbrecht said.

Sigley and 175 other soldiers from the 2123rd Transportation Company were dispatched to Afghanistan in mid-March, Hilbrecht said.

Sigley commanded a “mine-resistant ambush protective” vehicle, or MRAP, which is designed to survive improvised explosives and protect convoys from such attacks, Hilbrecht said.

Originally assigned to a cargo vehicle, Sigley was given the special assignment to an MRAP because of his “dedication to his unit,” Hilbrecht said.

“He was a heck of a soldier who was always volunteering for assignments,” Hilbrecht said.

This was Sigley's first deployment with the Guard since joining in 2006, but he had served a tour in Afghanistan while serving with the Marine Corps from 2000-04, Hilbrecht said.

Sigley is a 2000 graduate of Marion County High School, Hilbrecht said.

Troy Walton, a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps, said he met Sigley while they both were at Eastern Kentucky University before he joined the Guard and remembered him as a good friend dedicated to the military.

“He was definitely a hard-charger; he was motivated to do everything,” Walton said.

“I think he was pretty excited actually to go over to Afghanistan,” he said.

Sigley wanted to become a Marine officer but couldn't because he had tattoos on his forearms, which disqualifies someone from filling that role, Walton said.

Instead, he joined the Guard to get back into military life and to try to finish college, Walton said.

Walton said he was surprised to hear the circumstances of Sigley's death, and said he did not know of any medical conditions that may have been a factor.

“He was very strong; he was massive,” Walton said. “I thought he was in great shape.”

Sigley is survived by his mother, Rhonda L. Hardin; his stepfather, Alton A. Hardin; and his sister, Kristin Mattingly.

Capt. John Moore, commanding officer of Sigley's unit, said in a release: “The death of Sgt. Sigley is a tremendous loss to us all.

“His professionalism, selfless service, and devotion was contagious to all who served with him. Randy was not only a great soldier but a fantastic human being who cared deeply for his fellow brothers and sisters in arms. He was a true patriot who loved his country, state and unit.”

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