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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration"... Fr. Patrick J. Bascio, C.S. Sp

I'm in the midst of reading this now. Fr. Bascio is a retired priest who spent time in Tanzania, the Caribbean islands and parts of the U.S. including Harlem, NYC. He's currently fighting cancer with a not so great prognosis for recovery.

He pulls no punches. His take is that BOTH the legal and illegal immigration to this country provide a brain drain on the native nations, depriving them of their best chances for getting out of Third World status. He argues for the right of the U.S. to maintain it's borders, excoriates Big Business, Big Government and the Church leadership in ALL involved countries for abdicating their roles in this fray. The man takes no prisoners and puts forth his ideas in a straightforward, plain-spoken fashion that makes his novel solutions not only easy to understand but at first glance to appear at least worthy of consideration.

I can't recommend this book enough for anyone interested in our current dilemma with illegal immigration. That goes especially for those of us who are routinely castigated for all the routine bullshit of being "hardhearted", "racist", "unfeeling" and "questionable" in our Catholic faith.

The following is a video where he talks briefly on the topic, turn off the playlist above in order to hear it better;

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Teresa said...

Father is spot on! He is a wise man. He speaks common sense and of good ways to help the poor in other countries.

I will be reposting with a linkback.

God Bless!

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