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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Women on subs revisited...

WASHINGTON (AP) - Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (MAY'-buhs) says he's getting little or no resistance inside the Navy since announcing he's going to let women serve aboard submarines.
Mabus says sailors and officers don't seem worried about ending the long-standing ban. He says the experience of female sailors aboard surface ships shows that men and women can work in close quarters.

Submarines are among the few remaining places where military women are prohibited.

Mabus also says he's hearing little complaint within the Navy about his recent order banning smoking aboard subs.

No, you won't get any complaints regarding placing women on subs if you speak to; A) asskissing officers looking to further their careers at the expense of the fleet. B) horny young enlisted men in the lowest paygrades who think with their dicks when this subject is broached.

The folks that should be polled would include; A) senior officers who are unpopular because of their outspoken opinions, B) senior elisted men who have served both at sea and ashore at a repair facility where women are present in large numbers.

But talking to those last two categories only insures a lot of straight, unvarnished truth being dished up. Can't have that now, can we?

I'm reminded of when Adm. Zumwalt was CNO and a poll was put out regarding changing the dress uniform for the "bus driver look" we endured in the 70's and 80's. Supposedly there was overwhelming support for discarding the "crackerjack" style (which has since been reinstated). I know this poll was done, I was one of the sailors questioned. I also know that yours truly made no bones about wanting to keep the old style uniform. There's always been a thought at the back of my mind that my answers and those like mine were placed in the "circular file" somewhere in the Pentagon. Probably that same file used for naysayers regarding split-tailed sailors on subs.

My God, I'm glad I'm fully retired from the military!


Rick said...

The bus driver look? Was that initiated by Capt. Abrashoff who then wrote "It's your ship"?

I don't thinks it's his ship though. It's the Navy's.

Unknown said...

"split-tailed sailors"

Another classic line!

Subvet said...

Rick, you had me on that one. Until your comment I'd never heard of Abrashoff. Doing a Google search and reading the results leads me to think he's one of the latest in a long line of leadership/management experts. I don't say that to dismiss him, it's just the impression I get.

As for the bus driver look, it was brought on back in the early 70's in a futile attempt to remake the USN. I've no idea where the slur came from, but it was accurate.

FWIW, I recall boarding a civilian plane back in 1977 while I was in dress uniform. A passenger mistook me for a steward. That would never have happened if I'd been in "crackerjacks".

Arby, I'll take "classic". It's better than "dinosaur".

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