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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thoughts on starry-eyed clerics...

The Catholic News Agency has an article today about the bishops of Arizona and their reaction to the immigration legislation headed for signing by the governor there. Big surprise, they're against it. Here's a link to the story;

One thought always hits me when I read something like this, i.e. an article detailing the objections religious leaders have towards things like enforcement of immigration laws, the death penalty, waterboarding, etc. That thought can be expressed, "So where are their concrete and practical suggestions for alternatives?"

They're few and far between, as seen in this particular case. Clerical hearts are bleeding gallons for the poor "undocumented worker" but give no thought to the plight of any Americans dealing with the illegals. There is no recognition of the tremendous strain placed on services such as hospital emergency rooms, food supplement programs, etc. just to give an example.

No suggestions whatsoever as to how the nation should deal in a practical, humane manner with this problem. I understand life sucks for the illegal alien, if it didn't they wouldn't be mobbing our borders trying to get in. Hell, if I were a mestizo living in EBF Mexico you can bet I'd be doing whatever would be necessary to get my ass out. I get it.

But compassion aside, there are real problems associated with the flood of illegals who come here. Those problems MUST be addressed, if the religious leaders of our country want to fully perform their duties to their ENTIRE flock they'll start making suggestions along with issuing criticism. Therein lies the problem, the harsh condemnation is never accompanied by any kind of suggested practical alternative.

If an alternative IS suggested (and here I'm thinking of capital punishment) that alternative is currently NOT practical. According to the starry-eyed clerics living in La-La Land, life in prison is the solution. But there is no recognition of how often LIP gets scuttled when some creep becomes a "model" prisoner, thus earning parole. Too often the story ends with the felon murdering some other innocent before getting gunned down by the cops. So LIP isn't practical, not in this country at this time for the reason I cited and others. Check back in about fifty or so years and maybe things will be different.

One more example of this can be found in the topic of waterboarding. Yep, it's damned unpleasant. But in all the hoopla raised by the bleeding hearts absolutely NOBODY comes up with an alternative that effectively renders the same results. If there are any alternatives suggested they're so ridiculous as to make your eyes bleed (my favorite was a response from a seminarian on a blog who stated the only recourse was to pray. Got it.)

In the examples I've given there is absolutely no thought shown by the wailing religicos of the responsibility the government has towards the safety and well being of it's citizens. THAT is what really stands out for me. It's as if those of us who reside in the USA as responsible, law abiding citizens are deliberately ignored.

Yes, there is a responsibility for our government to act in a humane, charitable manner towards any lawbreakers. That whole "whatever you do to the least, you do to me" mindset is valid. But at the same time concern is shown for the outcasts/criminals of society there should be a recognition of the needs for safety and protection for the rest of us.

That lack of recognition works against the religious leaders who speak out on these issues. Were they to be more evenhanded in the focus of their compassion they'd have a hell of a lot more support.

Just my opinion.

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MightyMom said...

true, but that would muddy up their rhetoric....

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