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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where will the reeducation camps be?

Found this at Canada Free Press via;

25 March 2010: A federal intelligence source reported in an interview last evening that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security
have been called in to “actively investigate incidents of violence and threats” made to at least ten Democrats and one Republican lawmaker since Sunday. Their involvement was reportedly requested by top House leadership and one unnamed, high-level White House official
. According to this source, who agreed to speak to this writer under the strict condition of anonymity, “a ‘watch list’ has already been created that specifically names and turns their focus on various pro-life and tea-party organizations and individuals who are considered a threat to domestic security, continuity of government operations, and to the lives of lawmakers and their families.”

While published reports confirm that Capitol Police have been contacted and are addressing security concerns of lawmakers and the incidents of vandalism, the involvement of federal agencies has not been publicly disclosed, nor will it likely be on any official level. The reason, according to this source, is that high-level discussions between top lawmakers and agency heads are “exploring the application of the Patriot Act against any right-wing individual or group that poses a danger to government operations.” He added that “threat assessments and security measures for public assemblies at the Capitol, specifically focusing on conservative groups are being re-evaluated at the request of the White House and Democratic lawmakers.”

Dissemination of the list is obviously limited to avoid another “MIAC” episode, referring to the release of a document leaked from the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC).

According to this federal official, lawmakers and White House officials were stunned by the strong response against the health care bill, citing the protests at the Capitol. “Based on what I’ve heard, I don’t think they were expecting the type of response seen in not only the demonstrations, but in poll numbers and by conservative talk radio and television. “They have been monitoring all aspects of this situation, not just the physical assemblies,” he stated. “Watch lists are being created and updated to include anyone who appears to be organizing or acting as a gallivanting force behind the actual protestors.”

The media outlets have also been reporting the allegations of racial slurs and anti-gay remarks shouted at Representatives John Lewis, Andre Carson, and Barney Frank this weekend, supposedly during the protests of members of the Tea Party. According to this source, there does not appear to be any direct evidence of such behavior beyond the allegations themselves.

On Saturday, Capitol Police reportedly reviewed at least two videos – one from a cellular telephone and another from a video camera – that supposedly captured the event. “There was a contemporaneous review of audio and video at the site of the protest when they [Capitol Police] created a physical barrier for the lawmakers and when the comments were allegedly made. The officers were even instructed to make arrests, but could not find anything that supported the allegations rising to the level of disorderly conduct,” stated this source.

A couple of years ago I'd have written this off as tinfoil hat stuff. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have believed the Dept. of Homeland Security would be apologizind for sending out a nationwide memo to all police departments citing the possible dangers of folks who were; prolife, pro 2nd Amendment, veterans, favorers of limited government. So as times change I change with them.

Stand by folks, it isn't carved anywhere in stone that our nation won't fail. That whole "watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of patriots" thing comes to mind.


Mike in CT said...

I saw someone comment recently, and I can't help but agree somewhat, that the powers that be may be pushing us and pushing us to get to the point where BO may have to call martial law.

I seem to remember reading that the early Christians prepared for how to be thrown to the lions as martyrs.

Rick said...

The mainstream media has started the work as it prostitutes journalism into propaganda to bring about the new order.

Subvet said...

Mike, shall we carry A1 sauce in our pockets to help the taste?

Rick, the prostitution of journalism has always been there. Now it's more blatant than at other times. Thank God for bloggers, at least we know we're being lied to.

Anonymous said...

Every empire fails eventually. We all know that. Please don't flame me for this, but isn't it exciting (in a weird way) to see this happening on our doorstep so to speak?

Also, I find myself hoping I have the fortitude to pledge my life, fortune & sacred honor, as did our forefathers, if it comes to that.

Or alternatively, the grace to die a martyr.

Subvet said...

Cliff, no flames here. Back when I was a teenager I prayed to God not to give me a boring life. Now I pray to find a time machine that will enable me to go back and kick my dumb ass for that one!

And like yourself, I'm praying for the strength to do whatever is needed. God help us all.

Unknown said...

It is getting uglier and uglier. I wonder what it will take to push the American people to fight back. This administration will make that push, test those limits, and arrest anyone and everyone who gets in their way.

Subvet said...

Arby, some time back I read "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis, which tells how America is taken over by a charismatic leader and turned into a totalitarian state. I keep remembering bits and pieces, he was prophetic to a disturbing degree.

MightyMom said...

I keep wondering if these threats are real...I mean they COULD be..there are nutcases that feel strongly against Obamacare. but do we KNOW???

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