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Monday, February 01, 2010

On our way to open borders...

Sometimes I get speechless while reading the news, this comes close. Taken from and found via

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama's proposed 2011 budget would cut the border patrol by 180 agents and trim spending on a "virtual fence" along the nation's Southwest border. (This would be the virtual fence that was proposed in place of an actual wall. The fence takes pretty pictures of incoming illegals, by the time the Border Patrol gets going it's a game of catchup. It's still better than nothing (nothing really sucks) but now even that is being removed.)

Homeland security officials confirmed the proposed cuts Monday during a budget briefing for reporters. They said no border patrol agents would lose their jobs. Instead, the positions would be cut through attrition as agents retire or leave.

Remaining agents would be better paid as part of a plan to increase the salaries of experienced frontline officers. (And this does exactly what in the interests of public security/safety?)

Senior Obama administration officials said they do not expect the proposed cuts to reduce the effectiveness of the border patrol, which has doubled in size during the past five years to more than 20,000 agents. (Of course they don't expect it to reduce effectiveness, and I have some waterfront property in Florida I'll sell real cheap. Meet me at low tide to take a good look at it.)

The reduction is part of an effort by the White House to trim the federal budget, but it is expected to meet resistance from Congress, which must approve the budget, in an election year. (Time to break out the keyboard and start nagging my representatives in Foggy Bottom.)

The president's proposed budget also would slash funding by nearly $226 million for an electronic "virtual fence" system along the border. The virtual fence, known as "SBInet," is made up of cameras, radar and sensors placed on towers. (Hey Juan & Jose, smile for the camera as you sprint into the land of milk and honey.)

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last month ordered a reassessment of the $8 billion program after continuing delays in constructing the system near the Arizona border with Mexico. (This would be the same Janet Napolitano who loves the idea of open borders. Why am I not feeling warm and fuzzy right now?)

While cutting some border programs, the administration is seeking an additional $10 million to create Border Enforcement Security Task Forces in Honolulu, San Francisco, and Massena, N.Y. (You know there are a lot of illegal aliens coming into Wakiki Beach and The Fisherman's Wharf.) These multi-agency teams work to identify and stop criminal organizations that transport drugs and other contraband across U.S. borders.

The administration also is seeking more than $103 million to improve the Internet-based E-Verify system that allows employers to check whether job applicants are in the United States legally and are eligible to work. The goal is to improve fraud detection and make the system easier and more reliable to use, homeland security officials said. (Noted. And any employer bold/stupid enough to try screening his applicants for their immigration status will be slammed to the mat by the ACLU and other assorted wingnuts.)

Time to stock up on a bit more ammo, when this border state starts getting overrun I may need it.

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