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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A listing of school children singing praise to B.O.

"This is about brainwashing our children into Leftist identity politics..."

IMHO that was the money quote from this article; which goes into great detail regarding videos of school children singing the praises of our Commander-in-Chief.

FWIW, to this point I've taken stories like this with a grain of salt. There are all sorts of idealistic idiots out there so whenever a tale came to light regarding anyone singing the praises of B.O. I'd shrug it off. "It's just a blip on the radar screen" was my thinking. After all, one of the two big reasons the man was elected was his skin color (the other being fairy tales spun about turning the economy around on a dime. Right.). That statement will get me branded as a racist, but when liberals of the Geraldine Ferarro level state the same thing during his campaign, I feel justified. Yet when I'd remember all this, tales of someone singing Hosannas regarding B.O. just made me shrug and move on.

But the listing of incidents in the linked article along with the steady demonizing of those holding traditional values, is starting to get my attention (some folk would probably say it's about time I woke up.).

The cult of personality fostered by the man's admirers is a recipe for disaster. Not so much because of B.O. himself, but because of the ease with which this mindset will become the norm. The norm for whoever might be in the Oval Office at any given time.

Look, we elect a Chief Executive. The man presents his resume for us, campaigns against competitors for the job, and if he seems competent enough we'll elect/hire him. Should he prove capable enough we'll give him an added four years of employment after the first term. After that he gets retired and we find another successful job applicant.

I don't see "god" in any of that. We're not choosing to follow a supposedly divinely designated monarch. Period. Hell, we decided to discontinue that practice back in the late 18th Century. Not looking for divinity in our leaders has served us well, all things considered.

But this mindless adulation is disturbing. While I doubt B.O. will prove competent enough for a second term in office, the habit of "hero worship" will continue on after he's gone. It could help our ultimate undoing.

To be fair, this sort of deification hasn't been something new or confined to any one political philosophy. Just look at the way the memories of JFK and Ronald Reagan are revered. Sorry to tell their worshippers, both of them were men like the rest of us. Their shit stank and they wore their trousers same as any other man.

But that type of adulation was reserved until AFTER they'd left office, even if via a form of martyrdom. Now it's starting during the campaign and continuing on. It's a mindset we should consciously discourage, no matter who the object is.

I cast my ballot for a human being, not a god.

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