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Saturday, September 19, 2009

We need a strong third political party...

Because neither of the two major ones is really representing traditional Judeo/Christian values. Here's an example found on The Columbus Dispatch website via Pewsitter;

Steele says abortion-rigths candidates OK

Despite the strong anti-abortion position in the Republican National Committee's platform, Chairman Michael Steele said last week that the party must be open to candidates who favor abortion rights.

In a brief interview Thursday in Grandview's Knotty Pine restaurant after rallying partisans against President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, Steele said that GOP candidates' views on abortion should reflect the views of the communities in which they live. Reminded that he was standing in the 15th Congressional District, known as a moderate swing district, Steele was asked if there is room in the party for a pro-abortion rights candidate such as Steve Stivers, who is favored to win the GOP nomination next year to challenge incumbent Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy.

"There absolutely is, there absolutely is," Steele said. "The key thing right now -- and I think this is true for Republicans across the country -- is to have leadership that reflects the communities I live in, where we're from. As we get ready for the battles that lie ahead from this district to all the districts surrounding the state, that you're going to find those candidates emerge and rise up who reflect those values in those communities, and that's a very important step for the party to take, I think, and I'm looking forward to help lead that charge in the future."

Told of Steele's comments, Michael Gonadakis, executive director of Ohio Right to Life, said, "I'm scratching my head, because I believe Republican candidates should relfect the views of the Republican platform."

Gonadakis acknowledged that it would be difficult to reflect the views of a community, because every community includes citizens with different views about abortion -- although he said a survey by his organization indicated that a majority of Ohioans, including those in the 15th district, oppose abortion rights.

Stivers narrowly lost the 15th District race against Kilroy in 2008, in part because two third party candidates, including one who emphasized his anti-abortion stance, combined to garner about nine percent of the votes. Ohio Right to Life did not endorse Stivers in 2008. Gonadakis said Ohio Right to Life's political action committee, with approval from the organization's board of trustees, will decide whether to issue a 2010 endorsement in the 15th District.

"We're sad the party hasn't identified a pro-life candidate when there are other candidates they can support," he said.

David B. Ryon, formerly a candidate for Hilliard mayor, has filed paperwork to challenge Stivers in the GOP primary next May. In a press release, Ryon said the party should not nominate "a pro-murder candidate."

Those of us who have voted Republican in the past may want to let the bastards know our feelings. Here's Steele's Facebook page address;, here's the address for the GOP website;


Anonymous said...

Please listen to this podcast.

Is MICHAEL Reagan Right?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

As I have said very often in the past, both the Republican and Democrat parties have been morphing into one. Perhaps in a year or two, America will have only ONE party. Can you say Communist?

Teresa said...

Thanks for posting Steele's facebook page and email address. He is too wishy washy and too much of a moderate in promoting pro-choice candidates. Unfortunately, I think having a 3rd Party would only ensure that Obama gets elected next election. I agree with you that the Republicans need reform, big time. And, except for a few members, they are nothing like the Democrats. The Republicans don't want to take over every aspect of our lives, multiple companies, and school loans. Republicans still stand up for freedom. I think the recent health care debate shows exactly that.

matthew archbold said...

Steele is cagey but from what he's said in the past he's pro-choice.
I agree that the GOP and the Dems have become very very similar.
But I think the prescription is taking over the GOP.

MightyMom said...

I dunno.
Ross Parrot didn't exactly help the cause.....

I'm afraid that a strong 3rd will just divide the conservatives.

I'd rather see the GOP back a conservative horse for a change.

Unknown said...

I will not financially support or vote for a candidate who is pro-choice. This is non-negotiable. I tell this to the RNC every time they call. The RNC is part of the problem. They are not the solution.

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