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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Honey? Where'd I put that tinfoil hat?

This is where anyone who knows me starts placing bets on how soon I'm carted off to the screw factory for rethreading.

I recall reading that B.O. doesn't respond to the word, "No" very well. I notice that cap & trade and it's chances of success in the Senate are a coin toss according to some pundits. At the same time, the healthcare bill is starting to hit turbulence while the MSM is growing restless in some quarters and the honeymoon with the nation is showing signs of being over.

So, what are the chances of the following scenario being played out?

Both cap & trade and the healthcare bill die in Congress. B.O. tries an end run by issuing a series of Executive Orders that enact this legislation in fact if not name. Congress puts up a fuss, at the same time the Supreme Court takes a hard look at the orders for their questionable legality. Fed up with resistance, B.O. in his capacity of Commander-in-Chief orders the military to start incarcerating selected foes (check out Lincoln's actions during the Civil War if you think it's unprecedented in this nation). The military balks, the Supremes order B.O.'s arrest and his supporters take to the streets. We have anarchy that makes whats happening in the Honduras look like a slap fight in a girls' high school gym class.

How likely is it? Any comments?

I'd be real happy to hear I need a long rest. Honestly, I would. I'd rather that than the crap that has started circulating in my pointed little head.

God help us all.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

I don't know how likely it would be, but it does sound plausible.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Sounds very plausible to me...though if Obama gets arrested, Biden would be in charge...

The Local Malcontent said...

Your scenerio sounds more plausible than you know, friend, combined with the renewed interest in BO's missing Birth certificate, and his plunging popularity, his desperate taking to the airwaves tonight to sell us a bill we don't want or need.

Beats my fear: A groundswell of angry revolutionists (us) upset at the socialization of the U.S.
Zerobama declares martial law, then rounds us all up.

Have you noticed that you no longer have any "Followers" in your margin??
Me either.... Hummmmm

Adrienne said...

I think he will become increasingly out of control and a liability to the dem party. At that time he will either be impeached (he's already committed impeachable offenses), or will be eliminated like JFK.

Subvet said...

Rev Gregori, thats what I was afraid of.

Joe of St. Therese, from bad to worse. At least B.O. as a brain.

TLM, my followers seem to have returned. As for B.O., the longer he hangs around the weirder this stuff gets (thinking of the birth certificate and how the DOD recently cancelled a major's orders overseas when that officer claimed B.O. hadn't proved he was qualified to be Commander-in-Chief).

Adrienne, let's hope he doesn't go out ala JFK. We don't need the guy to be made a martyr.

Jack said...

It sounds fairly plausable but for one thing, because there is little substance to B.O his power is pretty much tied to his poplularity ratings, therefore its unlikely that he could incarcerate high ranking Republicans because that would immidiately turn off the swing voters who elected him. Also his campaign was basically 'the other guy is 4 more years of bush', therefore he cannot be seen to do anything that bush did to the power of 10 (bush at least had the excuse of the war on terror). Remember he has about 12 months of governing left before the mid-terms and after that only maybe 6 months before he has to get his re-election campaign on the go.

MightyMom said...

Jack....that's 18 months too long!!

Honey...what have you been putting in your coffee?? WORST FEAR for our country is the death of BO. whether from natural causes or Not, if he dies in office there will be hell to pay.......I'd much rather see him impeached...or ousted ala birth cert grounds.

sig94 said...

All options are open. Ammo up.

Amy said...

Your theory sounds very plausible to me. Scarily so.

I hope we survive the next few years before he's voted out.

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