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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random personal thoughts...

1) B.O. managed to pull off a coup on Sunday at Notre Dame. He sold the majority of his audience on his, "why can't we all just get along" styled speech. In doing so he continues to widen the divide in the Catholic Church between those who adhere to Rome's leadership and those who would set up a de facto National Roman Catholic Church.

This isn't limited to just Catholics either, he'll prove to be truly ecumenical in his preaching of the secularist gospels. Stand by, the persecutions will start soon enough when the anti-religious secularists figure they've enough "tame" Christians to prove there isn't any problem with the decidedly unChristian laws that will be passed.

2) Now we're going to have government mandated gas mileage requirements for all automobiles by 2016. It'll save gas, in the long run the technology (if it even exists!) will allow us to save a butt ton of money and we'll be less dependent on oil. It also sucks on toast.

I don't WANT the government to mandate what the hell my mileage will be. If I want to buy a gas guzzler of a muscle car to indulge my midlife crisis I should be able to do it! This line of thinking also applies to trans fats, seat belts (which I DO believe in!), cigarette smoking (with one exception I think all smokers are D-U-M-B), and anything else that is "for my own good".

SCREW THAT!! I'm a grownup and I don't need the nanny state in the person of B.O. to intefere. Period.

3) Lately the Pope is managing to piss a lot of people off (condoms in Africa, peace in the Middle East, to name just two areas), IMHO he must be doing something right. If Jesus came back to speak to us I've no doubt He'd be pissing folks off also.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

"If Jesus came back....."

I thought he did, in the person of Barack Obama.

ABNPOPPA said...

MRG'S comment hit the nail on the head!

I just don't understand how someone can call themselves a Christian or Catholic and support abortion or someone who supports abortion. Even the "Roe" of Roe v Wade has converted. Doesn't that pretty much tell you it's WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!


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THIS is depressing!!
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