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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random political thoughts...

B.O. made a promise during his campaign that 95% of Americans would see no increase by him in their taxes.

He recently upped the federal tax on cigarettes by sixty-two cents, since one in four adult Americans smoke he has broken that promise.

Cigarette smoking is done far more by those of limited education and income than not. So the increased tax burden is disproportionately felt by the poor.

The poor in this country are disproportionately represented by black folks. So B.O. hates "his own".

Just some random thoughts.


Nereus said...

I am in the process of kicking the coffin nails just because of the dramatic rise in taxes. I refuse to further fund the socliaist agenda being advanced by this congress and administration.

They have me over a barrel on the income tax, I will pay it because I refuse to avoid my reponsibility as a law abiding citizen and obey the resonable (for now) laws of this land. But I have a choice with a tax that is voluntary due to the use of a product that isn't required to substain life. So, Needless to say, my camels and burbon have been thrown over the side of the ship so to speak. I will continue to find ways to "micro" trim the federal budget and avoid paying one red cent to the fed or the state I live in on a tax that is based on a habit or luxury.

That being said, Too bad the congress critters and the O are kicking the regular joes in the teeth repeatedly while subsidizing the CEO's and upper 2 per cent.

Yeah, I played right into their hand as far as doing some thing good for my health and quit the smokes, But it wasn't due to the repeated libreal brow beating or treatment as a second class citizen in public areas that finally did it. It just took them making me want to quit a greater symbol of defiance and personal freedom than it was to continue to smoke.

ignorant redneck said...

Well, I "roll my own". i started doing that because it's much cheaper, and I got no wealth to speak of.

So, not only did the taxes on cigarettes go up, the tax rate on roll your own tobacco is now the same as for taylor made smokes.

A can of tobacco went from 11--13 bucks to 33-36 bucks, all the increase in taxes.

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THIS is depressing!!
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