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Friday, March 06, 2009

Palin gives nod to proabort judge appointment...

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Juneau, AK ( -- Sarah Palin fired up pro-life advocates during the presidential campaign and has a consistent pro-life record as the governor of Alaska. However, she is earning a black mark from some pro-life advocates who are upset she placed a former Planned Parenthood board member on the state Supreme Court.

Palin, on Wednesday, named Anchorage Superior Court Judge Morgan Christen as the second woman to serve on the state's highest court.

Christen's application made no mention of the fact that she is a former board member of Planned Parenthood and served the pro-abortion group in the mid 1990s.

Knowing that information, Jim Minnery, the director of the Alaska Family Council, a pro-life group, asked Palin officials to inform her and ask her nod to name Christen to the court.

Minnery said Palmer Superior Court Judge Eric Smith, another of the handful of nominees the seven-member Alaska Judicial Council sent Palin for her consideration, was a better choice.

Minnery said Smith was "more conservative" and that Christen would be "another activist on the Court." He said that was a best guess from among pro-life leaders, but that he didn't have hard evidence to back up that assessment.

Palin's spokeswoman, Sharon Leighow, told the Anchorage Daily News that Palin's office received the Family Council's concerns.

"I'll be seeing the governor tomorrow. We'll have a good chat," Minnery told the paper about what he would do to follow up the governor's pick of Christen.

Minnery says he is not upset with Palin and says the fault lies with the Judicial Council for sending her no candidates that his group could really get behind. he says Palin should have had the option of selecting the best person for the job rather than being limited to the choices the Council sent her.

The Alaska Supreme Court is a concern for pro-life advocates because it struck down a parental consent law regarding abortions and pro-life advocates are hoping Palin's first selection will help uphold a new one.

Some of the prolife blogs I go to are in a four star hissy fit over this one. My own take is that one swallow does not a summer make. Yep, picking Christen isn't good from a Catholic prolife point of view. But as the article above mentions, Palin was restricted in her choices. Both candidates are proabort.

In addition to that, I think of how the abortion debate is often framed in terms of the abolition of slavery in this country. Not all abolitionists believed blacks were equal to whites, a fair number actually believed they were genetically inferior and lacked the intellectual capacity to ever be trusted with the right to vote. Nevertheless, these abolitionists DID work for the end of slavery.

In the same vein we should remember that not all prolifers are going to toe the Catholic line. There will be some dissent at times. If we want to end the slaughter of babes in the womb those differences should be recognized and discounted when possible.

Gov. Palin is NOT a Catholic, so while her statements and her life in general reflect strong prolife beliefs, Catholics shouldn't automatically assume she'll be onboard in all areas of Church teaching. That idea should also be kept in mind when dealing with other prolifers from different beliefs.


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sig94 said...

I dunno Subvet. Under other circumstances, just one swallow is enough to give a girl a bad reputation. Ms. Palin is going to have to be more careful.

The Pondering Catholic said...

I have to agree with you on this one. If she had a choice between a pro lifer and the other,well then we would have some grief. But the way this is laid out, I like your slavery example as well. Great blog!

MightyMom said...

politics makes for strange bedfellows.

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