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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just another idle thought...

B.O. came on the national scene with VERY little experience, sorry but I don't think being a community organizer or even a state senator is anything like having the MSM on your tail 24/7/365. Nor is dealing with Chicago politicians on the same level as going face to face with Putin, Ahdmenijad (sp?), Hugo Chavez, etc.

It's the difference between the minor and major leagues.

So now we're getting stories about B.O.'s hair going gray (bullcrap, he hasn't even been in office two months). But theres also notice made of how tired he is, how visibly irritated he looks at news conferences, etc. Playing with the big boys can be tough, especially when you find they'll wax your butt in a second.

So what happens when the Chief Executive starts moving towards a nervous breakdown?

Yeah, thats really a stretch right now. But hey, not even two months on the job and he's showing wear and tear? After two months the biggest thing they noticed about Reagan was his penchant for taking naps in the afternoon. When questioned about it he stated, "Hard work never killed anyone but why take chances?"

This guy is no Reagan.

I know that in the perfect world if a President mentally heads toward the edge of the cliff his team will get him to step aside so the VP can take over, if even for just a short time. But this world is far from perfect and with all the adulation given the man during his campaign, with all the hype surrounding his abilities, who has the cajones to step up and say, "Boss, time to take a break. You're losing it."? Who would willingly shout the Emperor not only lacks clothes but some of his marbles?

With the result that we may have our first President who cracks up in office.

Well, everyone keeps saying this guy is doing a lot of "firsts", guess that would only be more of the same.


sig94 said...

Already the magic is gone and the madness begins. We'll find him perched on top of the Washington Monument with a high-powered community petition in his hands.

Subvet said...

OHMIGOD!! Not the dreaded high-powered community petition!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

If he is the FIRST to "Crack" up in Office, you can bet your life that the MSM and the libnuts will praise him for it. Maybe they will even make it a national holiday.

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THIS is depressing!!
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