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Monday, March 23, 2009

AIG bonuses, caffeine cossacks and socialism...

Start with the whole flap over those AIG bonuses.

These things were probably in place long before the economy tanked. Can you spell "contractural agreement"? As in, "if I don't get the money promised, I'll have grounds to sue your asses." Not something any company already in financial trouble would want to attempt. Pay the money, short term pain vs. long term gain.

And 165 million compared to over 170 billion given AIG to bail it out of trouble? Chump change. Really, look at it. It takes ONE THOUSAND millions to make a billion, so less than one thousandth of the amount given AIG is being paid out in promised bonuses. Hey, let's bitch about the upkeep of their parking lots and the groundskeeping expenses while we're at it.

The best way I can grasp the furor is via the following. With the War Department's job and my retirement we'll gross just a tad over 85K this year. Which is kind of embarassing since our kitchen floor consists of the concrete foundation slab with a few coats of paint on it, the house is 25 years old, we're a single car family, I keep sweets on the left side of my mouth to avoid the cavities on the right, etc .

Looking at those items we'd seem to be idiots when it comes to money, right? So let's look at how this could break down.

One thousandth of 85K is eighty-five dollars. Divide it by twelve months and you get seven dollars and a teensy bit of change (not even the tenth of a cent). That would be the amount I pay for my coffee grounds every month.

I'm sure there are some caffeine cossacks somewhere who would scream that my spendthrift ways with the bean directly reflect the irresponsible way the WD and I handle money. I hope they're getting the help they need. Seriously.

FWIW, we also spend several thousand a year addressing our children's autism concerns. That includes private preschool and therapy sessions. I won't go into the rest of our budget, by now you realize theres a tad bit more to the story then my mainlining coffee 365 days a year.

So IMHO the flap over that 165 million is just as ridiculous. Yes, the amount staggers those of us not making several hundred thou a year. So does 160 billion. But after awhile it's all just numbers.

But by allowing the focus to stay on those stinking bonuses the present administration is deflecting attention from their steady stream of money being poured out of the public coffers and into the socialization of our nation. Check out the news and how greater government control is being pushed, ostensibly so there are no more "travesties" like the AIG bonuses.

Remember, that money DOESN'T come without strings attached. B.O. & Co. are pushing ahead with socialized medicine, greater control of ALL private institutions and a greater secularization of our country.

Most of the regular readers here will already know this crap and wonder why I preach to the choir.

Gotta vent the frustration somehow and maybe once in a blue moon a new face will show up. Someone who might say, "I didn't know that!".


sig94 said...

Again, it is not an honest sense of Congressional outrage. It's all a smokescreen being laid down to deflect the anger of the American pubic on how these officials, Dem and Reps both, have screwed the pooch on this issue.

What are now called "toxic assets" (and billions are now being spent to liquidate them) used to be called equal opportunity loans to poor opressed minorities who were financially incapable of sustaining even modest residences.

These were the loans that lawyer Obama forced Citibank into making back in 1994 when he sued their asses. And now this lying sanctimonious sonuvabitch is saying that he is gonna fix a problem that he helped start.

The middle class got it stuck in their ass both ways; first when the crap loan was made (we had to pony up 20% for our down payments)and now when it fails.

Subvet said...

Sig, you hit the nail right on the head. Would we have all this crap if term limits were in place?

ABNPOPPA said...


A couple things.

1. I agree with your assessment it is a small amount.

2. If I were receiving the bonus and Congress passed a retro active tax on me I would spend the bonus suing the Bast____s personally.

3. Preaching to the choir is fine. I do it all the time. However, I have recently decided to preach in a different direction. I google "liberal blogs" and then leave comments there. I figure if one of them is leaning on the fence maybe, just maybe a good comment will push him to the Conservative side.

4. I am not upset with the guys getting the bonuses. They did what they were to do to get the dough. I'm upset with the stupid morons in Congress who passed a bill without reading it and a President who signed it without reading it. I really am PO'ed about the whole bail out business. But, here I go preaching to the choir.


Subvet said...

Pops, sound like we're on the same page.

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