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Monday, February 16, 2009

I think I'm gonna hurl!

Here's a story found via Religion and Morality;

There is just no getting away from this crap, is there? It's shoved in our faces 24/7/365.

Look, a sizeable portion of the USA DOES NOT condone the gay "lifestyle". That same portion DOES NOT condone gay marriage. It has to do with our moral beliefs, ya know? The things for which there should be no compromise.

Yet these assholes are walking all over those beliefs for no other reason than they can. Thats it.

Remember when the Danish press published cartoons of the pedophile prophet a few years ago and riots broke out all over the world? Remember how our MSM refused to show those cartoons, ostensibly because THEY DIDN'T WANT TO OFFEND ANYONE'S SENSIBILITIES!!

So how come the sensibilities of Mo's follwers trump mine and other Catholics/Christians?

Never mind the threat of violence from the Muslims, theres something else working here.

Damn! How the hell do you raise children to be decent in this cultural cesspool?


Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...


ABNPOPPA said...


I know you are busy but did you catch Hannity on Fox last night. You think the homosexuals, I refuse to call them gay that is their way of trying to legitimize their horrid behavior. He ran a piece about Muslim training camps in the United States. Documented about 40 of them. These people are training to overthrow the US and doing it right here.

Now this we gotta stop! This is out of control.


Subvet said...

Pops, I don't watch Hannity but I know the camps you're talking about. The website "Gates of Vienna" has been documenting their shennanigans for the past few years. Good that it's finally getting national attention.

VSO said...

Well, first I never watch soaps, and this is why. Second, perhaps Muslims are trying to take over because of **** like this. I'll be blunt, I'm glad I can do that with you SV, it shows how screwed up fags are when they claim something on a soap opera as a victory.

sig94 said...

The MSM is afraid of Muslims. They are not afraid of Christians. Christians pray for your salvation. Muslims pray for a sharp knife so they don't have to work so hard cutting your head off.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

The only way to raise decent kids today is for conservatives and Christians to find a cave somewhere and live there. America has crossed too far over the line into total immorality that there may be no turning back. Legalized abortion was bad enough, but this fags in your face crap is adding insult to injury.

Perhaps, Christians should take a lesson from the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Vir--what this crap is is the action of Evil, the Great Apostacy, and the agenda of the Antichrist

MightyMom said...

"fags in your face"

now if that wasn't such an interesting turn of phrase I'd say we should adopt it as our motto.

as in

"Get the fags out of our face!"

but it still sounds....well...ya know.

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