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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pelosie and the Pope, episode 2

So now the meeting has taken place. I'll make my own comments at the end but for now direct everyone to Fr. Z's blog for this piece where he makes his own commentary (wish I could write like that!), here;

For another posting where Pelosi's spin is added and then dissected, go here;

So now we can all wonder if the Pope and Pelosi went to the same meeting. Maybe her neglect to mention anything regarding statements on the sanctity of life shows she got her panties twisted for her. We can only hope, but since the Pope is Christ's Vicar on Earth it's a safe bet it was done gently and with love.

Speaking for myself, I'd rather he got a copy of Humanae Vitae and a quart of holy water, pureed them in a blender and then had the Swiss Guards hold her spreadeagled while he administered an enema.

But thats just me.


matthew archbold said...

Wow! That's all I can say. Wow!

Rick said...

Kudos to the Curia for not having any photo shots of the meeting. That is so street smart as one can foresee how the opponent will use the images to further confuse others as where the Church stands vis-a-vis this administrations program. But one can see the cold iron fist of this administration as it pursues policies that support & encourage the massacre of the unborn as godlessly as any totalitarian regime would have done as it sends a representative to pose with the Pope. We need to be vigilant now more than ever.

MightyMom said...

I'll say the same thing here I said on Fr Philip's blog.

I think it was classy of the pope. And I respect him for 1) not letting the chance go by to say something directly to her -- which he very well could have done and 2) saying something that was direct and pointed without being caustic.

caustic-ness does not tend to change hearts...I believe.

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