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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shape of things to come, hell they're already here!

Fr. Richsteig has recently posted about the reaction to his comments in the local press regarding B.O. The story is here.

So here's a man of the cloth in Utah who gives what definetly doesn't qualify as a hate-filled screed and he gets harassed by the moonbats. What does this mean for the rest of us who don't meekly keep mum except to join the "Amen" chorus at the proper time?

No, I don't think it's a sign of some vast widespread conspiracy. I think it spontaneous and I believe we'll see more of this nonsense as time goes on. Civility in political disagreements is dying fast and it's the leftist moonbats that are killing it most enthusiastically.

Been a while since I was at the range, think I'll spend some time there in the near future.

It's gonna be a LONG four years (and that's an optimistic estimate).


VSO said...

Silly Fr., doesn't he know it's not allowed to even remotely criticize der fuhrer, just like Islam...hmmmmmm. A connection?

Harry said...

Hey Subvet,
Because I have too much time on my hands this weekend, I've been continuing the debate with Lilia over at ABNPOPPA's. I thought you might be interested.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Today, people seem very content to sit back and watch as the "Bill of Rights" is decimated piecemeal before their very eyes.


Do know what worries me the most? It is the fact that more and more people are becoming concerned over the question of Obama's constitutional eligibility, and yet the Supreme Court and the Congress have absolutely no desire to look into the matter, and the MSM refuses to report on it. This should worry every Patriotic American in the country.

sig94 said...

There will come a tipping point. We're not there yet and I think Obama will be careful to approach it slowly. Whatever we think of him, he is not a fool.

What I believe will happen is that a series of events will be staged to intimidate those Americans who do not buy into his socialist BS. That will be a warning for the rest of us. I believe that the current ecomonic crisis is just that - a staged event that will bring more control of the nations financial institutions under federal control.

Let's face it, if you control a man financially, you control just about every other aspect of his life also.

If you cannot conduct your financial affairs without government intervention, what else can you do?

Buy food for your family? Nope. Earn a living? for what end? You cannot purchase the basic necessities.

And the sheep gather at the Washington Mall, impatiently waiting for the shearer to defleece them of their liberty.

ignorant redneck said...

SubVet, allow me to recommend the hi-point 995 and 4095 carbines, cheap, accurate, dependable and designed around the dems fav banning modes for firearms.

Plus, 9mm is comparativly cheap.

Most Rev. Gregori said...


I honestly believe that you are far closer to the truth then you think. May God have mercy on us all.

Kit said...

Sig94's already right - look at the engineered "October Surprise" we had in the market collapse, and the fact that the moment the election was over, gas prices more than halved - we are being lulled into submission by economic manipulation. Barney Frank & Chris Dodd supported the policies and programs that contributed to the mess, did nothing to prevent it, and somehow are still sitting up on Capitol Hill laughing about it.

All of BO's speeches, including his inaugural address(which was pedestrian at best), warn of tough times ahead, it's gonna get worse before it gets better, and that way when the markets are corrected sooner than we think (with the help of our tax money and the government-controlled programs on his agenda) he will be a hero.

As Clinton put it, "it's the economy, stupid" and though I'm loath to say it, he's right. It's the economy, and we are stupid.

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