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Thursday, December 18, 2008

My two cents on Obama's Cabinet.

So now it appears The One is sending mixed messages about his upcoming time in office.

Placing the likes of Gates in Defense and having Rick Warren speak at his inauguration is really pissing off some of his strongest election supporters. Seems B.O. is making a run towards the political middle of the road.

Maybe, we'll see. At the end of his four years it'll be easier to assess his thinking.

FWIW, if he comes out of the political closet as just another hack who would say whatever is necessary to get elected we're gonna see some on the left go insane with rage.

That isn't meant to be an exaggeration by any means. His base has included foaming-at-the-mouth Bush haters, hate-America-first-last-and-always believers, really far left true believers of all stripes. They thought they had a way into the mainstream political process and bought into the idea. For all intents and purposes it seemed we were about to have a radically socialized country with our Constitution going the way of the dodo bird. I've bought into it, many others have also. Now, if the prospective Cabinet picks are any indication, that might not be so at all.

Time will definetly tell.

But if governing from the center with an effort to appease the greatest number IS the true shape of things to come we can expect many of the marginally sane supporters of The One to go on a violent rampage when their sense of betrayal demands action.

No matter what, we have the misfortune of living in interesting times.

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Rita Loca said...

I have a few Democrat friends and family and I think I am happier with Obama's choices than they are! Which I find so funny!

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