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Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Jesus had days like this" (name the movie)

Found this via the Creative Minority Report.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer;

After shaking hands and exchanging greetings, the president-elect got down to work.

Not at Independence Hall, where a little more than an hour later he was to meet with 48 governors begging for handouts, but at the Philadelphia Sports Club in Franklintown.

There, Barack Obama did 45 minutes of intense cardio training and left behind a starstruck gaggle of club members and staff - one of whom grabbed a sweat-soaked souvenir.

About 30 gym-goers - all frisked by agents on their way into the club - applauded as Obama entered at 8 a.m., said club manager Dion Linderman.

Dressed in plain gray sweats and a blue ball cap, Obama jogged for 30 minutes on one of the club's high-tech treadmills and put in 15 more on an elliptical machine while plugged into an iPod.

No one dared interfere with the future commander-in-chief's workout. Club members respected Obama's privacy, Linderman said, though a jogger at an adjacent treadmill tried to keep up with his brisk pace.

"Barack was just too fast for him," said assistant manager Will Nelson, who bears a striking resemblance to Obama.

It was Obama's third visit to the club at Rodin Place next to Whole Foods Market.

"Last time, he did weights with a little bit of cardio," said Nelson. "This time it was a cardio workout all the way."

Also different this time: the size of his entourage. Obama brought only five Secret Service agents with him when he visited the gym in April and August. Yesterday, the security detail was up to 30.

After a 45-minute routine, Obama posed for a picture with the staff and tossed his towel to Nelson.

Nelson instinctively went to drop it in the towel bin. But he checked himself when he realized he might have the equivalent of a future holy relic on his hands.

"I'm going to put it in a plastic bag, and I'm never going to wash it," Nelson said, tongue only partly in cheek.

"I suppose I could cut it up, sell it on eBay, just like pieces of the cross," he said, somewhat slyly. "But that wouldn't be right, would it?"

Okay, enough is enough. I mean, this guy hasn't done anything other than get elected. It's what happens after January 20th that will tell us the caliber of the man.

In the meantime this messianic adulation is really getting old. Sure, the assistant manager was joking. Kinda. It seems. But there are way too many folks out there ready to swoon on command for this guy.

Before we reserve a spot for him on Mt. Rushmore let's see if he can do something more than help welfare queens cadge enough money to buy a flat screen TV. No, I don't think a community organizer is very high on the food chain. Do ya think it shows?

At this rate someone will be tapping into the White House plumbing to retrieve and bronze a turd that was passed by The One. Imagine what THAT little jewel will fetch on Ebay!


Seems I remember reading about the traffic in relics of the True Cross during the Middle Ages. Supposedly there were enough pieces of wood sold to crucify half of China. "Theres a sucker born every minute.."

S'cuse me, gotta take a dump, (now where'd I put that colander?)


ignorant redneck said...

Obama's pronounced liberalism doesn't scare me. Obama's lack of experience doesn't scare me. Obama's disdain for the "essential constitutional limits" doesn't scare me.

Obama's cult like followers scare the living piss rith outta me!

MightyMom said...

IR just be sure you put that piss in a jar so you too can cash in on the holy one's fame.

VSO said...

My thoughts exactly Subvet and IR.

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