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Monday, November 03, 2008

Idle thinking, it's a slow day.

So now the cat is out of the bag about Obama's desire to bankrupt any coal plant builders. It's too late to help in the election but the question that comes to my mind is, "Why did that news hit the streets when it did?"

I opined a couple of days ago that Obama & Co. may have grabbed a tiger by the tail when they began snubbing journalists whose papers didn't toe the party line. For clarification purposes let me state I DON'T hang any great hopes on this effecting an apocalyptic change in the political world. At best it looks like a falling out of supposedly close allies who were united against the EEEVVVIIILLL George Bush and his minions.

But if someone in the MSM got their panties in a twist over Obama's failure to worship at their altar wouldn't that account for this story hitting the streets? It's a nagging thought.

The followon to that is wondering if the Obama crew has the brains to placate their miffed MSM bedmates. If not, would we see an increasingly hostile press to the anointed One's term in office?
What kind of monkey wrench would it throw into the "change" he has planned for us?

A fair number of other blogs I visit take the stand that if Obama wins tomorrow darkness will immediately fall across the land. Hey folks no matter what happens, the winner of this election doesn't get sworn into office till the 20th of January. That would be plenty of time for the Obama team to continue pissing off the MSM. The loss of that particular support base would really cripple any selling of "change". While he'd be gearing up for the Oval Office his former allies in the media would be sniping away at him and his organization. No real action could be taken by the future Messiah-in-Chief either, even his implementation of a civilian national security force (aka modern day brownshirts according to more than one blogger) would have to wait a few months. And from what I've seen and heard of his latte sipping supporters they haven't shown much of a taste for violence yet, so for almost three months a fired up MSM could be knocking the crap out of their former darling. Not a good way to start four years of changing the nation, too much damage control to do from the start.

I could be as wrong as a football bat, but no one has convinced me the sudden discoveries of this speech from January of this year and Obama's illegal alien of an aunt living on Chicago's south side is pure chance. Somebody spilled the beans, IMHO maybe somebody with an axe to grind.

And I'd really welcome any thoughts the regular readers of this blog might have. I'm sure both of you can't be agreeing with me.


ignorant redneck said...

One of the things that has baffled me about this race has been the fact that the Obamanations attempts at prior restraint of the press hasn't been more commented on by the press.

I now expect that to change, as evidenced by his
Coal fired Plant statement and the late breaking story about his beloved auntie the illegal immigrant.

Bostonray said...

You have not commented in quite awhile! It is election day and how are you feeling about it now? I also am a Catholic (skimmer) served on the USS Boston CAG1 1961-63 in Navigation.Keep up the good work and stay Catholic!

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