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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

About that whole lack of experience thingy.....

Submarine sailors are full of trivia (amongst other things).

Hell, we even used to make a game out of questions like, "What was the name of Tonto's horse?" A game would start and pretty soon damned near the whole boat would get involved for weeks on end. And FYI, this was decades before Trivial Pursuit came out. Get bored enough (submarine patrols are like a bus ride without windows) and you'll amaze yourself with the things you do to kill time.

Anyway, the other night over at The Geezer's Corner, Bothenook started a post regarding Gov. Palin's nomination. Her supposed lack of experience was brought up by Vigilis who opined, "Many complain Palin has no foreign policy experience. We are reminded that oil pipelines have strategic international significance by Russia's recent intusion into Georgia.

Alaska not only has an oil pipeline and plans to build one for natural gas, but it has crude petro resources and a border on the contentious resources within the Arctic Circle to which Russia and Denmark have already already laid claim.

This remarkable woman has mastery of Alaska's energy policy in a state where some residents can see Russian territory with their naked eyes only 2.4 miles from Alaska's Little Diomede Island.

In truth, Palin has more foreign policy experience than Arkansas's Gov. Clinton had when he first laid claim to the WH. Fortunately, she is no draft dodger, either."

This was followed by one of my own comments, " addition to the information you cite doesn't the issue of fishing rights with the Japanese routinely receive the governor's attention?"

Which in turn garnered this response from loddfafnir, "Japanese, Koreans and Russians all routinely try to fish in Alaska's waters and are often boarded and turned around by USCG and NMFS assets in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. Plus we've gone back to fighters out of Elmendorf escorting Russian Bear bombers near our airspace away from our border..."

It's positively amazing the things you can learn, but I NEVER DID find out the name of Tonto's horse!


Sir Galen of Bristol said...

Tonto's horse was named Scout. And no, I didn't look it up.

Subvet said...

Well, now I can die happy! Thanks.

deb said...

Well I learned something. I had no idea that Alaska had such interactions with foreign goverments!

Always On Watch said...

Since when is a VP supposed to have extensive foreign-policy experience anyway?

Sarah Palin has more of that kind of experience than many a VP.

The Dems' criticisms of and personal attacks on Palin have grown shrill and smell like fear. Well, they SHOULD BE afraid! I know at least one Obama supporter who is now reconsidering her vote precisely because of Sarah Palin's values.

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