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Friday, September 19, 2008

Abortion, the topic that won't die.

The topic of abortion just won't go away this election. IMHO it's featured more prominently this time around because of;
a) idiotic statements by Pelosi & Co. and the reaction of Catholic bishops to the same,
b) the selection of Gov. Palin by McCain after taking a lot of heat from potential supporters when they heard he was leaning towards a prochoice VP candidate,
c) the response by Obama at the Saddleback Forum when asked about the starting point of an infant's rights.
d) and various temper tantrums thrown by Obama supporters who shriek about Gov. Palin's likelihood in sending pregnant women to the closet with wire coathangers after abortion is criminalized.

Now the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus is weighing in.

This ups the ante, in my own council we had our regular meeting last night where it was stressed you CANNOT be both a practicing Catholic and support a prochoice candidate. Since being a practicing Catholic is requirement number one for membership in the K of C, it pretty much draws a line in the sand.

So it appears Catholics (whom Obama sought to woo with his VP selection) will soon be faced with the following choices;
1) Vote for McCain
2) Vote for a third party candidate
3) Sit this election out.

No, I don't count Obama supporters as Catholic except in name only. McCain can be voted for despite his own support for abortion in cases of rape & incest and his support of embryonic stem cell research, (and I'll explain my reasoning in a sec). Obama is so far off the charts on the topic of abortion it defies logic to justify Catholic support for the man.

McCain can be voted for because his own support for abortion & ESCR is politically driven. His senitivity on the whole topic is shown by his selection of Palin. If all he neeeded was a VP candidate in a skirt he could have picked Kay Bailey Hutchison. She's a very experienced politician with an outstanding record. She's also prochoice, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Hearing the rumbling from his prolife base, McCain did the politically expedient thing and selected a poster girl for the prolife group. If that description doesn't fit Gov. Palin then I'll eat this keyboard.

So the man WILL listen to the Catholic voters, unlike Obama who from day one has always stated his unequivocal support for abortion. And McCain is a major candidate, unlike Ron Paul and a few others who are absolutely prolife but don't stand a snowball's chance in Hell of winning the Presidency. Therefore in order to move America from the culture of death mentality it would be more practical to vote for the GOP.

IMHO this justifies a Catholic voting for McCain, looking around the blogosphere I note many other Catholics feel a vote for McCain is NOT contrary to Church teaching.

See you at the election booth.


ignorant redneck said...

I'm not voting for McCain. I was going to vote republican against Obama, but I wansn't voting for McCain.

But now, I'm going to Vote for Palin

MightyMom said...

ignorant need to watch a video by a couple guys who like'll love it. ;-)

sweetie, what happened to the "no talking politics on church grounds" policy that was stated????????????

glad the KofC took a stand. I hope that all of Catholicism follows.

MightyMom said...


here you go, it's the last video. smile!

Always On Watch said...

short video related to your posting

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Brother Knight, for stating the truth to Catholic voters on who they should vote for.

This Voters Guide for Serious Catholics spells it out.

The KofC has ALWAYS defended the right to life. Isn't ironic that it's a MEN ONLY organization that speaks so loudly against abortion?

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