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Sunday, August 10, 2008

My two cents on the Olympics.

Probably not even worth that much.

Okay, why the hell should we get involved with these games? From where I'm sitting all I see is an international event that lends legitamacy to a totalitarian state and sweeps all it's human rights abuses under the carpet.

These games do what exactly? Foster world peace? Yeah sure, like they did when they were held in Moscow. THAT really helped tame the Russian bear. To give old Jimmy Carter credit, his boycott of the games was one of the extremely few things he did that was right.

So they had a great opening show. Well whoop-dee-dew-dah-day. The show I really enjoyed took place in Tiananmen Square in 1989 when the tanks rolled over the protesters. But thats old news and we're supposed to forget that. Noted.

We should get our butts out of the Olympics completely. They do zippo for us and only serve the agendas of the wrong people.

They did nothing for anyone in Nazi Germany back in 1936.

They did nothing for the Mexican people back in 1968, especially the 300 protesters slaughtered at the hands of that nation's army.

They did nothing for anyone in Soviet Russia back in 1980.

They do nothing for the persecuted Christians, Buddhists of Tibet, Muslim Uighurs in northwest China and the Falun Gong as they suffer at the hand of the Chinese rulers.

By not addressing these issues all nations that participate in the Olympic games are complicit in the abuses they entail. That includes us.

Let's get our asses out. If the athletes involved want to compete let them find another venue.


VSO said...

Well Falun Gong are a bunch of wackos. Look up their "beliefs."

Subvet said...

You're absolutely right, they're as mad as a convention of hatters. But they shouldn't be persecuted for their weirdo beliefs.

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