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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama the homecoming queen.

I love what this man has to say regarding Obama.

Which brings to mind a recent episode of my life as I waited in my son's therapy office for him to finish (all my kids are developmentally delayed):

A man and woman are talking about the candidacy of Obama, the man says he likes the idea of change. The woman readily rogers that, (I tried keeping my nose in a book), and then goes on to state how she feels it will be so good for the country to have a black man from a Muslim background as President (Lord, give me strength). She then went on to opine that of course the conservatives were all making a big deal of the Muslim connection (Oh Hell, look out boys and girls. Here come the Subvet with both guns a blazing!!).

Ten minutes later as we were interrupted by my son's therapist to speak to me I had ascertained;

1) After claiming how great it would be to have the troops home, the woman didn't know what I meant when quoting "posse comitatus".

2) I let the man claim expertise twice based on his experience in the military. On the third time I informed him that didn't mean squat, he only had an interpetation of events that happened in his immediate presence and that as a military retiree with 22 years service I knew what I was talking about. He briefly tried to BS me with the statement, "Well, a lot of that experience I have is based on conversations with people in the know", another way of saying he can't back his claim up except by citing fictitious sources that no one else is privvy to. Before I could shout, "BULLSHIT" , (and probably get kicked out of a therapist's office for the first time in my life) the therapist rescued me. I immediately thanked her once we'd left the room.

Since that time both of these individuals have been as nice as pie when we meet, keep the conversation VERY light, and NEVER EVER mention politics in the presence of yours truly.

The depressing thing is that they're both obviously college educated and politically active, even though incredibly dumb and ignorant.

As Sowell has said, they'll treat the election as if it's for a homecoming queen. Them and thousands like them.

Too bad we can't have mandatory intelligence testing to determine voter eligibility. Phooey.


ABNPOPPA said...

Way to go Subvet. My wife had a similar situation in the BMV. Some jerkoff running his mouth who had never been in the military. My wife finally had enough and told him "my son and his buddies are fighting a war so dumbasses like you can show just how stupid you are. Apparently the guy was next in line and never replied but.... when my wife went to take care or her business the clerks behind the counter thanked her for basically telling the guy to stuff it!

Ya, too bad we don't have an intelligence test for voters.

VSO said...

Hoo Hah! Go for you Subvet. As Fr. Corapi said, one can educate themselves into idiocy. People like that need to be told off.

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THIS is depressing!!
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