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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I hate it when I'm right on these things.

So now there's talk of a joint ticket between the two leading contenders on the Democrat side. Makes sense, Obama can't really pull it off on his own if he alienates the Clintonistas and Hillary doesn't want to be alienating the black vote. This doesn't even take into account the rest of the party, for example Howard Dean.

IMHO it'll happen and Obama will be on top in order to not alienate the blacks. They'll be seen as more easily offended than any soccer moms rooting for Hillary. With both of these clowns on one ticket the irresistible appeal to every leftist moonbat in the country, coupled with the very evident dislike of McCain by so many Republicans, will lead to a victory for the Dems in November.

I've already spoken briefly about this a few weeks ago in another post. With the talk now making the rounds I'll just say that I hate being right on this.

Once the Dynamic Duo is in office watch out. Between the corruption of the Clintons and the far left liberalism of Obama's camp we're in for a very bad time, worse than the Carter years. I never thought that would be possible in my lifetime, boy was I mistaken on THAT one!

I'll be praying a lot until November and buying that gun I keep talking about, along with a fair amount of ammo. With the prospect of gender/racial politics being what decides the fate of our country I want to make sure my family is well protected.

A few years ago if someone of my acquaintance had made similar statements to me I'd have written him off as a nut. Now it doesn't sound so loony.

So here are a few of the things I see as possibilities;

1) Obama has zippo real experience in national politics, let alone international. He'll be similar to Carter when he got into office EXCEPT he'll have the connections and advice of his VP. So if we take the ignorance of one and mix it with the socialist idealism of the other we have a nanny state exceeding anyone's dreams/nightmares.

2) Look for tax increases to support a Hillary-style health care plan. Don't expect any real improvement, in order to make it worth the government's effort we'll be screened for ANY habit that can disqualify a person from care. The list would include being too old, too fat, a history of smoking, drinking or any other habit that can be arbitrarily considered a disqualification. Expect a big push for aborting babies whose "quality of life" might not be optimum. Euthanasia will get a boost also.

3) Look for Big Business being punished whenever they're successful, rewarded whenever they're not. Our unemployment rate will hit the double digits in no time flat.

4) Expect the military to be underfunded, undermanned, over utilized at the behest of any UN sponsored sortie around the world. Anyone in the armed services can look forward to being treated like a pariah.

5) Expect a call for racial "reparations" in the legislative arena, if it passes our tax bill goes through the roof. If it doesn't pass expect an awful lot of disgruntled blacks who felt they were finally "getting justice" because one of their own was elected and now they'll feel sold out.

That last item could turn into a real problem as the class of perpetual victims, nurtured by the whores of professional racism (Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, etc.) feel they've been betrayed. When the aforementioned whores try to put a lid on things they'll find what kind of a monster they've created. The rest of us can consider the Bernard Goetz philosophy of, "better to be judged by twelve than carried by six".

6) On the Islamist front we can expect to see appeasement that would have made Neville Chamberlin blush. Our days of a superpower will be considered over, every little tinpot, turban wearing goatlover with a following will be trying to score points against us. In all too many instances they'll succeed.

7) Forget any allies we may have had. Israel has to think of itself, Austrailia will have it's own problems and Old Europe already hates our guts for being the best around. We'll be more alone than ever.

And I really hope I'm as wrong as a football bat on all of this.


MightyMom said...

you really cheered me up tonight, and here I thought things might be bad.....

I hope you're wrong too!

Anonymous said...

oh please, please NO!!
First, I don't think Obama will get the nomination. I just don't think it'll happen, because I'm too scared to imagine the future if it does. Second, I think they hate each other so much they would NEVER run on the ticket together. NEVER. And that's a good thing.
Here's my take. Clinton will get the nod. McCain will beat her. He'll suck for four years. The conservatives will get their act straight and elect Romney and we'll have eight years of prosperity! Wheeee!!

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