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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gerald Augustinus nails it!

From the owner of The Cafeteria Is Closed. This guy is good.


It took Spain almost a millennium to kick out the last Muslims. Reversing the process will go pretty fast. In Spain, the big story today is that the Catholic Church's influence/meddling (depending on who you ask) has been strongly rebuked. Except for Poland, it's the same in all of Europe - and in Poland, the Catholic culture has some ugly elements that recall the last century.

Socialists being in charge certainly hastens the demise of the continent. But, it doesn't really matter one way or another, fairly soon the Muslims will take over by virtue of immigration and out-breeding the Europeans. The Brits are importing barbarians from Pakistan's hinterland with a propensity for inbreeding and honor-killing. There is no co-existing with Islam once they're in the majority - something dumbass liberals calling for 'multiculturalism' will learn in time. Only an Islam with a separation of mosque and state is a good Islam, if you will. Otherwise it's Re-Reconquista, baby - while the EUro left engages in decadence, ennui and chic until the curtain falls. De temporum fine comoedia. Visit Paris while there's no crescent moon over Notre Dame - I am, next month.

The Middle East was taken over by Islam, Constantinople was, they came all the way to the gates of Vienna, last in 1683. The difference is, today they don't come with armies, they immigrate, breed, get more radical (10 years ago, no young Muslima wore a scarf, now they're everywhere). Due to the ruthlessness inherent to radicals, they routinely succeed in getting to power. Today, the red carpet is rolled out for them. Is every Muslim bad ? No, heck, the majority of victims of Islam are Muslims. Islam as a form of government is the problem. Somebody praying to Mecca five times a day isn't the problem. If that somebody wants everyone to do so under penalty of death, we got a problem. There is no room for anything else where Islam rules. Sharia law doesn't square with the Constitution. Kemal Ataturk tried to establish secularism in Turkey but that's in danger of eroding today.

The painfully ironic thing is that the very tolerance the Europeans pride themselves on is the key to their eventual demise. With historically Catholic countries having 1.3 children (and Muslims about 3 times that), it's simple math to calculate when Europe will turn into Eurabia. The liberal establishment has made "xenophobia" and "racism" as the ultimate no-no's. Even when there really IS reason to "believe they're after you", it's not an option to speak out against the invasion of what used to be the Christian heartland. Now, angry Muslims are just burning cars in the suburbs of Paris (and surely, it's all the fault of the evil French). Give them time.

Drink up the Beaujolais, Chianti and Riesling - that'll all be illegal soon enough, if things don't change fast. Le jeux sont faits ?

The only hope Europe has is that its Muslims will become Cafeteria Muslims, not "true" Muslims. Islam doesn't mean peace for non-Muslims. Sharia law and individual freedoms do not go together. Theocracy doesn't go with democracy. (A bitter irony is that decent people from Muslim countries came to the West to escape the totalitarian nature of their countries, only to find those very people be let in in droves soon thereafter, by these gutless liberals. I knew quite a few Persians in Vienna who'd fled from the mullahs. Not a hijab among them). But importing them from places where the wheel constitutes a technological marvel, women are considered property and the goats are nervous certainly doesn't make that task easy. Multiculturalism only works a) in gastronomy and b) with civilized cultures. Of course, the EUro and domestic Left are so "civil" that they're declawed, defanged, neutered, lobotomized, sedated lap pets. Without a certain warlike quality, no civilization can survive. In a way, Islamic culture is superior - the 'true believers' do believe that, pardon, their "sh*t don't stink", while the Left believes that only its countries' sh*t stinks, while everyone else's smells like rose water. Or, to put it in less drastic terms - they believe in themselves, the West increasingly doesn't. Not only that, Leftists have an irresistible urge to view the West with disdain, while closing both eyes in regards to everyone else. There are a handful of people who are secularists who 'get' it - Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins. Mind you, they make a moralistic case against all religions, but they at least value our system of liberal democracy and individual rights highly. They are not relativists when it comes to calling out Islam.

Lastly, there is some reason for hope - in Iran, for example, a lot of young people are sick of the mullahs, the morality police and all that junk. Farsi is the 4th most spoken language on the internet - blogs are ubiquitous in Iran. Religious fanatics have a tendency to piss off sane people - The people of Geneva eventually tired of Jean Calvin and kicked his moralistic butt out. A secular Islam wouldn't pose a threat. I in no way mean that Muslims are somehow inferior by birth. It's just that Islam is inferior to liberal democracy and individual rights, pluralism and REAL tolerance. Mind you, Christianity went through similar phases were pious Catholics or Protestants burned one another at the stake, "witches" were burned by both, the Inquisition concocted ungodly ways of torturing people, Jews were routinely mass-murdered and so forth. Thankfully, the West came up with the Enlightenment and the concept of separating religion from government. Conflation poisons both. When a church has power, the power-hungry tend to 'discover' vocations. Sure, liberal democracy isn't a panacea, but it's a whole lot better than auto-da-fe's. "Blasphemy" must never again become a crime - because it might be YOU who gets put on the rack if the tides turn.

So, it's not an ethnic problem, it's a cultural problem. Muslims who dare to differ from the whackjobs must be protected. Muslim women must be protected from being kidnapped and force-married back in the 'old country'. But, gasp!, that might be culturally insensitive! As I always say, the worst form of homo sapiens is the white, do-gooder liberal with the reverse-Midas touch.

In closing: Islam doesn't need a "Martin Luther", it needs a Thomas Jefferson.


Anonymous said...

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it...

Islam conquered a quarter of the known world in about 200-300 years in a time when the mode of travel was by beast of burden, sailing vessel, or foot. It took us nearly 1000 years for us to kick them out.

Nobody remembers that part anymore. Now, it's all about the Jews that the church slaughtered during those "awful" Inquisitions. But that's a story for another time.

If the islamofacsists can gain control in a generation (a factor of roughly 7.5 times faster), then, it will take us, if we survive, nearly 10,000 years to once again kick them out. All things being equal of course - it's a rough estimate.

While I doubt Europe has the will to resist, I think the US still might.

I hope.

reddog said...

Maybe our influx of Mexicans isn't so bad.

We got a lot of Muslims here. The Iraqis, Iranians and Pakkys aren't bad. The Palestinians, Egyptians and Syrians could use some work. You never even see the Saudis.

Anonymous said...

"it's simple math to calculate when Europe will turn into Eurabia." (Subvet)

There is nothing such Eurabia except in the mind of some conspiracy theorists.

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