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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Election thoughts.

It's apparent McCain will be the GOP candidate come November, I'm willing to bet the Dems field an Obama/Clinton ticket. I really doubt they'll put Shrillary up as the Presidential contender, she's got too much baggage (Bill) and too many of her less endearing traits are surfacing. Like it or not we live in a telegenic age where appearance counts more than substance. It's been that way for a very long time (remember how scruffy Nixon looked in his televised debate against JFK? That definetly counted against him.) and it's even more so now.

So it'll be Obama on top with Hillary as VP. Bet she'll LOVE that one!

Then we'll have to see if the GOP can pull itself together and get over the dislike for McCain's open borders thinking, McCain-Feingold, etc. He's definetly got to sell himself to a lot of people in his own party first.

My two cents? Obama & Shrillary will promise the moon with a back fence around it to everyone not already starry eyed over the prospect of the first black/first female team in the White House. That'll sway enough voters to put them into office. After that, God help us all.

And at that point Obama might want to consider how the VP is just one heartbeat away from her greatest desire and that heartbeat is his. While I don't buy into many of the conspiracy theories regarding Vince Foster, et al., I DO believe she'll always be a cold, calculating opportunist.

Just the opinions of a retired turd chaser, stay-at-home dad.


MightyMom said...

retired turd chaser....AND THE BEST STAY AT HOME DAD EVER!!

(you left out that part, dear.)

Well, all I have to say about our election is pray hard and often.

ignorant redneck said...

If hillary is elected VP--I wouldn't want to be prez.

Jay said...

Somehow I don't see Hillary taking the number 2 spot. Can you see Bill living anywhere other than the White House? For some reason, the VP's quarters are not as conducive to bringing the babes in at 1600 Pennsylvania.

I think she'll decline the offer, and thus, Bill Richardson, who Obama will need to court Hispanic voters, will be the VP, and he'll receive the Clinton stamp of approval. Then, Hill will go to the Hill, where she'll take over from Harry Reid as Majority Leader, and become the de facto Prime Minister.

So, Obama, rest easy, you're not going to have Hillary making Fitty Cent's prediction come true.

Rita Loca said...

God help us is right!

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