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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Presidential race.

In the back of my mind I can hear Curtis Mayfield singing, "Freddie's Dead". Noted. Thompson has left the room, get over it.

IMHO we now have the Democrats running on race & gender. Look for the final ticket to be Clinton & Obama. All form, no substance.

Unfortunately that beats the GOP side of the aisle with no clearcut contender. Each one of the three possible candidates for President has enough baggage to turn off a fair number of party faithful. I'm not counting on any surge by the likes of Hunter or Paul, forget it.

So we'll probably wind up with eight years of Democratic leadership based on the most shallow reasons possible. We are so screwed. And yes, I DID say eight years! Once in power they'll stay there with a "bread & circus" strategy appealing to the lowest common denominators. By this I mean a cornucopia of government handouts that will make Sweden's welfare state look like a bunch of rugged individualists.

Think I'll start shopping for that .45 now.


Sir Galen of Bristol said...

I'm not counting on any surge by the likes of Hunter or Paul, forget it.

Well, Hunter quit the race on Saturday evening, so no, he probably won't be catching up anytime soon.

The only candidate left I feel I can trust not to spend my tax money on abortions and embryonic stem cell research, the only one with both a history and a current policy of pro-life legislative votes, is Ron Paul.

So, win or lose, he's my guy.

Besides, I like the sound of "President Paul".

Subvet said...

I've really been out of the loop since Saturday morning when I left my job for the last time. So I had no idea Hunter had thrown in the towel. Too bad, he was most in line with what I believe we need as a leader.

"Besides, I like the sound of "President Paul"."

LOL, I'll just bet

Anonymous said...

Loved the post on the Faith of the Martyrs.

And I do believe that you are sadly correct...And Hunter was the only one I liked...sigh

But a .45? Why not get into politics as a real man, and shake things up?????????????????????????????????

MightyMom said...

I have given you an award

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THIS is depressing!!

THIS is depressing!!
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