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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Abortion and Obama.

Now we've got two prime contenders for the Democratic candidate, that'd be Obama and Clinton. The GOP is still a mess with no real big winners, Huckabee took Iowa and McCain took New Hampshire.

I'll admit to being bothered by the seeming unimportance of the abortion issue in both parties at this point. It seems as a contentious topic to have been placed on the back burner while how to achieve the nanny state concerns one party as the other tries to sort out their identity for this election. We've come to accept this as a part of life here in America, one that many of us might want to do without but will tolerate just as we'll tolerate cockroaches as long as they stay "manageable".

IMHO this should be a top priority for debate in both parties. If we've any moral fiber left as a people we should be vigorously debating this. Yet the acceptance of abortion's existence by one and all place it on the same level as overhauling Social Security. "Ho-hum, that topic again?" , turn the page to the comics and what's for dinner anyway? Where has our outrage gone? Where is our spine?

One of the leading Democratic contenders, Obama, is so pro "choice" he's been more radical than NARAL. This article here goes into the details. Yet so far the man is given a free pass by his party. This isn't seen as a liability, just his "politics". Have we really gone this far in devaluing human life?

What happens if Obama or someone like him is elected? IMHO abortion is an iceberg's tip, we'd soon be seeing the legalization of euthanasia, a growing trend of "mercy killings" etc. Soon death would be opted for whenever a loved one's continued existence was too financially arduous for the family or inconvenient for the medical establishment. Some countries such as England and Holland are sliding down that slippery slope, why shouldn't we think we're next?

With the cheapening of human life at both ends would come a disregard for it in total. Rapes, assaults, maiming would elicit no more than a yawn. The glorification of convicted felons, already so prevalent in professional sports, would contine. I realize human life has always been viewed a cheap commodity, in the future it could have no value whatsoever.

John Q. Public needs to wake up. We need to regain our sense of moral outrage, an outrage that is appallingly absent when someone with the pro-choice record of Obama is a prime candidate for the highest office of our land. His lack of common decency and regard for the unborn isn't so much an indictment against himself as it is against those of us who unblinkingly regard him as suitable for the Presidency.

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