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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hanson on Teddy Bears and cartoons

Very nice summary of our present day situation vis-a-vis the "religion" of Peace.

This says it all, "The Muslim Middle East has much of the world's oil. So its excesses are put up with by the rest of the world rather than loudly condemned. But after 9/11 and the bombings in Madrid and London, Islamists screaming for a beheading cannot quite be laughed off. Instead they may be the vanguard of something far worse."

IMHO if it weren't for the oil we'd have kicked these clowns to the kerb years ago. Following 9/11/2001 the followers of the pedophile prophet would have had their asses put under a microscope in whatever Western country they resided. Instead we play kissy face with the bastards, pretending that the violence that is perpetrated by some of them is an aberration and not something explicitly condoned by their "religion".

It's past time to stop playing nice guy and start cracking down. That would include monitoring all mosques in the country and what the idiots speaking in them say and cutting off all foreign aid to any Muslim dominated nation until it showed an enthusiastic willingness to hunt down all the violent followers of the pedophile prophet.

Instead we've a Chief Executive who blithely sits down to eat and socialize with whatever Muslim he can find, one who pushes idiocy like the recent summit at Annapolis where the Israelis were forced to enter a different door, were not allowed to shake hands with the Saudi representative, were badgered on the topic of territories rightfully won in a war decades ago.

And George Bush is a lot tougher on the Islamonazis than Gore or Kerry would have been!

We are so screwed.

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THIS is depressing!!
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