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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A useful idiot who teaches our children.

This will make your head hurt so much your eyes will bleed.

Some of my recent posts have dealt with the growing Islamification of our nation. IMHO the primary concern we should all have is the education our children receive. When our benign neglect allows them to be brainwashed in our schools they'll display the effects of it later in life when THEY lead the country.

An article associated with the story out of Massachusetts involving "open tent" night at an elementary school is here.

Useful idiots like that one are teaching our kids. And before any of my compadres from the South start smugly noting this happened in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, let me remind you it's a part of the same nation we're in. The tykes taught by this fool will grow up to possibly lead the nation. As an example, can you say "Keith Ellison"? How about "Barack Obama"? Maybe "John Conyers"? These are all Islamic sympathizers in our national legislature.

And don't even talk to me about how Texas has the right to secede written into it's constitution. That war was fought long ago. Proponents of that idea lost. Get over it!

Here's a shot of the fool from her blog. Hope she keeps that veil & hajib, she might need it if idiots like her keep teaching our kids.

Quote; "Here I am in a full face veil and hijab. While I did not have to wear this during my travels, many women in Saudi Arabia opt to be fully covered like this when they are in public. (They "opt" for it because if they didn't they run afoul of the Morality Police. You know, the ones who let schoolgirls burn to death rather than allow them to be seen uncovered.)

This story gives a great example of why We The People need to get off our collective ass and monitor how our
children are being taught. This is incumbent on parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. When Shrillary said, "it takes a village to raise a child." she was right as far as that "village" being comprised of a child's extended family. Unfortunately she was aiming for more nanny state involvment which is exactly the WRONG "village".

We need to monitor what the heck is being taught out of the texts our kids are given. We need to ask questions, get involved with the school even if they let us know we're being a pain in the ass. The public schools are funded with taxpayer dollars, that means every one of those people work for us. Though that mindset is highly discouraged by the school administrators when they're confronted with it, they'll fold.
As a personal example, during a time when I was trying to meet the teachers of my first son (now 23 yrs. old) at the age of 11, I asked a school secretary to schedule an appointment for me. She stonewalled, wanting me to wait till the normal Parent-Teacher Night until I said, "Lady, let me explain where I'm coming from. For eight hours a day my son is in the care of people I've never met or spoken to. It's now September and you would like me to wait for another ten weeks before that changes. I have a problem with that!"
I got the meeting I desired.

Life isn't a popularity contest. Our children are the future. God entrusted them to OUR care and not the care of overeducated idiots.


Pen of Jen said...

I have tried to understand the ignorance of thinking that Muslim woman have a wonderful life.

I have decided that it is like a John Kerry trying to have a weekend getaway like the average American, and he spent $20,000.00.

The pc crowd is playing make believe, imagining that all the world plays by our rules. I think it is too late.

You are so right about monitoring the education of our children, this is where we are going to lose the battle.

In the early 70's I remember the change in school. By the late 70's I remember that instead of the core subjects in the lower grades, we were now becoming multi-cultural.

Now look at the kid at Pace University. A hate crime. I think that it is far too late. How can we measure intent...when the Muslims are not being measured on the same scale??

Remember Johnny Walker Lindh( American taliban) I read that they are trying to get him out of prison...Isn't this a "hate crime" of the highest???Nope, they didn't call it treason, nor will it be a hate it is multi-cultural(translation...anything against Christianity)

Sorry got me again up on my soap box:)

Cookie..... said...

Amen Brudder....

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I have to agree with the that posting that parents need to get involved and monitor what their children are being taught in school, unfortunately, I really do not believe that there is anything parents can do in so far as the public schools go, because the libs, along with the federal government, have gained full and complete control over the public schools and even many private schools that have lowered themselves to accept any public funds or assistance.

My advice is, once you discover that your children or grandchildren are being taught stuff that is immoral or even anti-American, you should pull your children out of the public schools and do all you can to home school them if you cannot afford a private school. If enough parents do this, you will see the public schools either shape up and start listening to We the People or they will go down the tubes and disappear.

It is time for decent Americans get rise up, pull their heads out of their collective butts, take a deep breath of fresh air, gather their courage and do what is needed to get this nation back on track, back to being the Constitutional Republic that the founding fathers intended. If that means a full blown revolution, then so be it.

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THIS is depressing!!
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