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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Illegal amnesty bill bogging down.

Well sometimes the news isn't all bad. I love the portions dealing with Senators Hutchison and Cornyn. As I recently told the War Department, there are times that living in Texas is a good thing. She almost fell out over that one! But at least some of the politicians here have a grasp on reality (Ron Paul excepted).

I've run across a fair amount of articles from pundits I respect saying that any bill is better than none at all. WRONG!! If nothing gets passed the illegal aliens stay illegal until we possibly remove our heads from our asses and pass a border control measure with some real teeth in it, start enforcing our present immigration laws and start taking the subject of national security seriously!

Pass this travesty and we might as well set up bus service from the Rio Grande to all points north.

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Cookie..... said...

Hey amigo....I posted an article today regarding Fred Thompson and his new website....if'n ya get a chance...stop over and read it....

I know he's my kinda politician....

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THIS is depressing!!
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