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Saturday, May 19, 2007

On the Immigration "Reform" Bill

No links to anyone else, just one retired turd chaser's opinion.

It sucks on toast, anyone saying it doesn't provide amnesty to a bunch of lawbreaking denizens of a third world toilet is a liar. If they're not consciously lying then they need a checkup from the neck up ASAP!

It's going to pass and the best thing we can do is hold the feet of the authorities to the fire. Make sure every hoop the illegals are supposed to jump through they do. Whenever we become aware of "business as usual" where the government doesn't follow the letter of the law we should scream our lungs out. Hold them to the fire to enforce the supposed "penalties" against the illegals. If "We, The People " don't start speaking up and making the politicians do their job they never will. This speaking up has to start at the local level of every little flyspeck town in the nation. Write to our elected representatives, speak up in the newspapers, on the web, via talk radio, wherever a greater audience can be reached, we've got to do it.

IMHO thats been part of the problem from day one, our tendency to let any and all shenanigans by all elected officials go unchallenged. We elect a smooth talking stooge and just take it on faith he'll do the job we want, the way we want it, when we want it. How many of us who have been supervisors of any capacity would just let things fall into the "Auto" mode like that in our day-to-day lives? You ALWAYS doublecheck your newly hired employee and you ALWAYS bring him up short if he isn't performing to expectations. Yet in the political world too many of us throw our hands up in despair the first time a politician doesn't deliver. We'll sigh about how John Q Public always gets screwed by the government while forgetting we have a voice in that government. That voice gets heard every time we choose to use it, not just on Election Day.

My favorite example of perseverance by the common man and how it pays off is John Walsh, the driving force behind "America's Most Wanted". When his son was murdered he wouldn't rest, the authorities tried marginalizing him and discrediting him from day one but he never let go. He effected change where it was needed and became a part of the solution, not the problem. Check out his biography online if you've any doubts. Another example are the founders of MADD, anyone of my age remembers how drunks driving was just one of those things you'd encounter on the highway at times. So when was the last time anyone reading this heard of a cop letting a drunk off since he, "was just on his way home"? Hell, we'd want the cop who did that fired ASAP!

Yet in politics our apathy is accepted and condoned. Activism for our goals is all too often labeled as being "out of touch with the real world and how things really are". Wonder if the Founding Fathers believed that?

By sitting around the kitchen table/watercooler at work/bar and letting our frustrations go no further we become a part of the problem.

So now we've got a suck ass immigration bill. Okay, first off this thing has some items that have to be met before Jose, Juan and Maria start getting a free pass. One of these is the securing of the border. Instead of citing the fiasco of 1986 where the increase of border security never happened let's use it as a learning tool and hold the politicians to this. We're good at staying on top of what happens on "American Idol" or "24", lets put some effort into this. Hold the bastards to their word and if they don't deliver let our displeasure be known ASAP.

The reason so much of our country has gone to hell is we've been silent while the agenda driven idiots have spoken loud and long. For proof of what happens when we speak up, contrast the illegal alien demonstrations of last year to this one. They were still too damned big this year but after the outcry over all that happened last year they seemed small by comparison. When John Q Public opens his mouth, everyone starts to listen.

And when 2008 rolls around lets elect a President and Congress who will aggressively look out for us and lets keep on monitoring the actions of all politicians at all levels. Hey, the bastards work for us and should always keep that in mind unless they want to go back to the fry-o-later at McDonalds!

Just my opinion.

Update @ 2:37 AM, 5/22/07

Thomas Sowell:"Incidentally, remember that 700-mile fence that Congress authorized last year? Only two miles have been built. That should tell us something about how seriously they are going to enforce other border security provisions in the current bill. "

And that highlights the importance of holding the politicians to their word if this gets passed (which I'm sure it will). Every single item of enforcement and penalties spoken of in this bill MUST be acted on.


Anonymous said...

wow, somebody say amen and pass the collection plate!! Good one babe.

Anonymous said...

Quite an eloquent dissertation. Personally I am one of the guilty who have quit trying so hard to be heard. The Senators who represent me are named Boxer and Feinstien and are deaf to opposing points of view. They prefer to represent the Gay bay dwellers and the illegal immigrants of the former Golden state which has become tarnished. My congressman is Bill Thomas' replacement and while our district is conservative our representation is not. I plan to write a letter to the aforemention senators and congressman today. I have thought about doing so for about a week. I don't think it would do much good, but if enough people were to swamp them with an idealogical letter reminding them they are obligated to represent the minority opposition of their constituents as well as those of their supporters, perhaps they would step up. Okay you can stop laughing at the naievity of the last statement.

Anonymous said...

you should ask subvet to relay the "for want of a ____ a ____ was lost"'ll give you the motivation to keep writing!!

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