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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jesus (and Allah, Jehovah, etc) saves!

Conversation on a Texas road, circa 1999;

Me: What the heck is that thing? A football stadium?

War Department: No, that's Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Me: Jeez Louise! It's big enough, I guess Jesus really sells down here. Do they have cheerleaders for the Sunday service?


Anyway, this emphasizes a point I made in a previous post; "That is how we cauterize Radical Islam, take away the money and it loses it's punch".

Maybe it's stating the obvious but I really believe the engine fueling Islam's spread is money. With the idea that I didn't make that clear I'm writing this post.

It's Saudi money that finances the building of the mosques throughout the Western World, and you don't even need a congregation to fill it. Remember the story of the pig races in Katy, TX? It started out because some local Muslims wanted to build a large mosque/community facility. One of the headscratchers about it was the fact that there aren't that many followers of the pedophile prophet down there.

But as Kevin Costner found out in Field of Dreams, if you build it they will come. And at first it might seem to put a cart before the horse but the Islamists have the cash to burn so they'll build the mosque before they get the worshippers. One of the points made about Islam is that it attracts disaffected Western youth who have no firm religious roots (e.g. John Walker Lindh). Would the attraction be as strong if instead of a brand new building for the Muslims they went to a storefront church?

One of the more famous preachers these days is TD Jakes. If you ever go to one of his services you'll see he's wearing some mighty fine clothing and those rings on his fingers aren't zirconium. He preaches that you can be prosperous and Christian. HIS CHURCH IS PACKED EVERY SUNDAY!! When money talks, people listen. A show of properity ALWAYS brings in more worshippers. Look at some of the other examples around the world.

Does St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC attract worshippers? Probably more so than if the local Catholics moved to Quonset huts. Sighting a "mega-church" down here is an everyday thing and they're packed every week. It isn't just Christians either, let any religious denomination show prosperity and it attracts more followers. Hey, how many times did the Jews rebuild the Great Temple? And as far as temples go, seems the Mormons have a REALLY nice one in Salt Lake City. The signs of material success draw a lot of prospective converts and keep a lot of folks in the pews. If you don't believe that money and the comfort it buys bring in God's people, just turn off the air conditioning some Sunday and stand away from the doors, the suction of folk leaving will lift you off your feet. IMHO it's a fact of life.

I know this is something that a lot of true believers would deny but cynics like myself (theres a lot of us!) don't have a problem with it. Jesus truly saves and He's got one hell of a bank account! So do Allah, Jehovah, etc. Not coincidentally they also have a lot of followers.

So Islam was in a decline for several centuries, relegated to the lands of sand & scorpions. Then along came a demand for oil. That was right underneath the Islamist lands. Once they took control of it the money began flowing. And the cult of the pedophile prophet had a resurgence.

Take away the oil money and away goes the funding for terrorist activity, the imams and mullahs are no longer building mosques, CAIR can't hire attorneys for frivolous lawsuits, we can stop worrying about our kids wearing burqas and bowing to Mecca and we all eat cheeseburgers in peace.

Can someone give me an "Amen"?


reddog said...

So how come the Wahabi Saudis are GWB's best friends and Prince Bandar is his mentor?

The GWOT is a sham. Our soldiers die for nought.

Subvet said...

We're too cozy with the House of Saud, no argument there. But they're not GWB's "best friends" nor is Bandar his mentor. IMHO the failure to be more aggressive with the Sauds stems from the foreign oil dependence we have, if the Bush Administration were to get too aggressive we'd be back to the gas lines of the 70's. Then too many of us would be carping about how needlessly tough GWB is being! It's a no win situation for any President.

As for the GWOT being a sham, I don't thing so. I link to a blogger in Iraq; "Outside The Wire". He paints a far different picture than the MSM of our efforts there.

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