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Friday, April 27, 2007

"From my cold, dead hands m**********er!"

WOW! This is off the charts nuts!

I've tried in the past to be in the center of the gun control debate. Always felt that "control" and "prohibition" should be two seperate words. Guys like this one are why I gave it up and stayed with the pro gun crowd.

I can tell you from my brief experience of being with the Million Mom March this is definetly NOT satire. Guys like this believe all gun owners need adult supervision and they get to determine who the adult is.

Don't be misled by my own words, I still believe we should have some sort of public debate on greater gun control, do a Google of Wedgewood Baptist Church and keep in mind I used to live not more than 45 miles from it. That sort of thing drives my thinking.

But gun control and gun prohibition are two different things, despite what nutcases like this guy think. If someone is able to be trusted with guns its really none of my business if he collects them like postage stamps. That sort of attitude is where the prohibitionists and I part company, I wouldn't doubt they lose sleep over the idea of their neighbors packing heat.

There are nutcases on the progun side also. "Whining Wayne" LaPierre sent out a letter years ago that mentioned "jackbooted thugs of the ATF". Some folks deny it happened but I was one of many who received that POS. Guys like him annoy the daylights out of me. The best thing the NRA could do would be to kick his butt to the curb and get someone else to head them up.

All of that being said, theres a real reason the writers of the Constitution felt it important to refer to the RIGHT to bear arms. And nannystaters like this jerkoff, who live in gated communities far from the rest of us, are totally out of touch with life on Planet Earth.

Those of us down here in the real world know the truth of the Bernhard Goetz philosophy, "Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six". Just my opinion.


Anonymous said...

This (the article you linked to) is so outrageous, it has to be satire. This guy is advocating the abolition of civil rights. He'll be the 1st one screaming about getting a gun when he gets robbed.

You know what they say, a conservative is a liberal who's just been mugged.

Subvet said...

Sonarman since you posted your comment I've expanded the original post. As I've said, this guy is definetly NOT putting out satire. This isn't like Sheryl Crowe talking about a single square of toilet paper, the people who belong to the Million Mom March, Brady Group, and other "gun control" groups truly believe there might be a mental defect in gun owners and they would honestly consider measures such as he proposes.

As far as him getting robbed, he probably lives in a gated community and doesn't have to worry about that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

But of course the "right to bear arms" was written into your Constitution way back in the 1700's! Back then the citizens probably needed to bear arms. Surely we have overcome the "wild west" mentality by now. Or have we?

Subvet said...

Gypsy I often hear that phrase, "Wild West mentality" when this topic is brought up. It ignores the uniqueness of the USA in both it's founding and present day existence.

We are fiercely independent and self-feliant, even in this time of the welfare state. You may view the cops as the ones who will deter crime. I view them as the dedicated public servants who track down the criminals AFTER the fact. So with that in mind, who is responsible for the security of me and mine? The answer is undeniably myself.

That lies at the heart of what may be termed our love affair with guns. We'll take care of our own problems and we'll make sure we have the means to do so. To a large degree, noncitizens find it puzzling we want NO government intervention, even in our own defense.

We realize what a cluster**** the government can make of any situation without even trying. No thanks, we'll deal with those who would do us harm and then we'll call the cops for cleanup duty.

Thanks for your opinion, come back often.

Old Gary said...

Gypsy is a typical leftist with his "way back in the 1700's" if the concept of self-defense is quaint and archaic.

I suppose he leaves the keys in his car overnight and never locks the doors to his house.

And I'll bet he uses one square of toilet paper after a dump.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Old Gary. I don't use one square of toilet paper, I happen to be one of those females that use about half a roll!! Damn!! Costs me a fortune.
I'm also not a lefty. I just believe that the gun culture in the US goes a tad overboard. I'm all for Gun Control. It works. It makes a difference.
And no way do I leave the keys in my car. EVER! And every bloody door and window is locked up tight. But I don't have a gun in the house. And anyway, I do live in a nice, fairly safe, little town in (my opinion) the best country in the world.
I do have family and friends who are licenced members of gun clubs. They have some beautiful guns which they love and use regularly, just not on any of God's creatures.
And thanks Subvet for the kind invitation to come back. I will.

Old Gary said...


Gun control works? I would have to disagree. Crime occurs around the world, no matter whether they have gun control or not.

Anonymous said...

Gypsy, NYC has one of the toughest gun control laws in the country. It also had 2,801.6 crimes per 100,000 people in 2004, 637 of which were violent. Which one of those gun control laws stopped those crimes. Conversely, how many people could have otherwise defended themselves and survived? Before they had gun control, like say, in 1963, there were only 6.58 crimes per 100,000 people. Gun control works? You're deluded.

The 2nd Amendment, while not only a safeguard against tyrannical government (remember the 1st battle of the Revolutionary War was started because Gen. Gage was coming to confiscate the militias armory at Lexington and Concord, as well as arrest Sam Adams.), is meant for the people, the wording of which plainly refers to individual citizens. There was no "collectivist" thought back then. You were an individual. The People have a right to defend themselves. It is a basic human right, the flip-side of "Thou shalt not kill."

The point of the comment about locking your doors and windows is that you acknolwedge that you need to protect yourself in some manner. Therefore, if you think that gun control should be stricter, then, following that line of logic, why bother locking up at night? If you can't protect yourself with a gun, then why protect yourself with locked doors and windows.

If you look at Florida, a concealed carry permit state, you will find that their crime rates have lowered significantly since the law was enacted, and gun crimes committed by those with permits have been almost nil. So there goes your "wild west" argument.

You know what they say, a conservative is a gun-control liberal who's just been mugged.

Anonymous said...

As subvet can tell you, I've marched with the Million Mom March and even been identified as a "Nazi" by a NRA member with a bullhorn. I once agreed (basically) with gypsy. But what I've seen is that the reality is, the criminals have the guns no matter what the laws say. It's us good guys who don't. And if a bad guy endangers a hair on one of my babies heads....I'm gonna blow him to H**l with my nice legal handgun.

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