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Thursday, April 26, 2007

This ain't Lebanon.....

.....And we're not sheep that will patiently be led to slaughter.

After reading this I was reminded of two reactions I've had towards Muslims. The first came after 9/11/01 as I saw a hajib wearing woman shopping. My first thought was, "Must be a tough time for decent Muslims".

The second came not too long ago as I went down the local state highway and was passed by a van with some veiled women. The thought came, "How do we trust people like that and why should we bother"?

I'm just Joe Average, my biggest ambition is to spend more time with the family. This weekend we all plan on weeding the garden together; me, the War Department, our two sons aged 3 1/2 and 2, and the baby can supervise from her bouncy seat. Nothing special.

So when I notice how much my attitude toward Muslims has hardened I know there are a lot more folks just like me. Maybe they don't spend a lot of time pontificating on a blog but the thinking process is the same. We The People are getting fed up.

We're fed up with being lied to about Islam being a "religion of peace", fed up with our military not allowed to do the job they can and should do, fed up with the insults and attempted blackmail from a bunch of third world camel jockeys and pedophile worshipping nitwits. We read articles like the one linked to and know we'd better get on the ball PDQ.

George W. Bush is a decent man but I really believe he's way out of his depth on a lot of things. Hell, who wouldn't be slightly overwhelmed by everything thats happened in the last seven years? All that and every SOB in the country trying to second guess your every action. Give the man credit, he's shown perseverance and guts. But I still believe he's blind to a lot of things.

I don't know who fits the bill but we need a leader who will call a spade a spade, who will tell the world at large to go to hell and rally the American people around the idea of taking our lives back from the threat of the Islamists. Someone who will lead us to energy independence so we can write off the Saudi camel jockeys and their ilk. Someone who will push for the idea of "America First" against all the quisling liberal multi-culturalists. Until that leader shows up we'll continue getting more angry and frustrated.

And when that frustration is finally allowed to express itself the Muslims had best stand by. Because they'll be first in the cross hairs.

If "moderate" or "non-practicing" Muslims exist they need to start speaking up. Sooner or later we'll have our own version of ethnic cleansing in this country and how bad it is depends directly upon how we perceive followers of the pedophile prophet.

Like I said, this ain't Lebanon and things are going to have an entirely different outcome here.


Anonymous said...

I have read Brigitte Gabriel's book "Because They Hate". It is scary. I recommend EVERYONE read it! She is a very brave woman.

Subvet said...

Amen to that.

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