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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Double standard? Naw, we ain't got no stinking double standard!

Two acts of vandalism, one against Jews the other against the "religion" of peace.

Guess which one is automatically qualified as a hate crime? Door#1 or Door #2.

This is not getting to be the norm, it IS the norm! Remember when the nutjob in San Francisco shot up the Jewish Community Center? First reported action by the authorities was to dispatch a detail insuring there were no reprisals against a local mosque. Nothing said about protecting the local synagogue which could have been at equal risk from cohorts of the nut job.

How many rabbis have flown planes into buildings lately?

Tell me how this can happen and nonmuslims aren't already on the road to second class citizenship.


Anonymous said...

I thought the shot up jewish center was around San Fernando, not the gay bay. At any rate there is a definetly good reason to go about armed. Here in California we outlawed assault rifles because folks were shootin' up little kids at school. No one ever asks why those guys were overlooked by the system when they were in the system. Probably the politically correct (oxymoron) agitation of the ACLU and the violation of someones constitutional right to murder innocent civilians had something to do with bad guys getting through the wire. So now we kowtow to a religion that can only be described as poopheads masquerading as prayerful lovers of peace, by endowing them with constitutional tights as ours are stripped away layer by layer.

Subvet said...

Too true, and you might be right about the location of that shot up Jewish center. I automatically "assumed" it was near the "gay bay" (liked that one).

And we know what happens when we assume something!

Thanks for your input.

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THIS is depressing!!
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