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Friday, March 02, 2007

McCain craters.

This is gonna lose him a large part of his support.

As time has passed I've become less of a McCain supporter. His stance on illegal immigration is mostly what's turned me off. This is like listening to an echo of Obama. IMHO he's toast.

It's still well over a year away but the Republicans don't have anyone that stand out as a good candidate. For my money Duncan Hunter is the best, but too many people haven't even heard of him. Tancredo entered LaLa Land when he made his "Bomb Mecca" remark and followed up with calling Miami a third world country. Guiliani is too much a liberal in conservative clothing and Romney seems to have his finger in the wind to determine where he should stand. As for Brownback, he's got the same problem as Hunter. No name recognition

The Dems aren't any better. Shrillary seems to be losing traction as more of her quirks and transgressions see the light, thats good because I sure don't want to live in a socialist society. Obama is a flaming liberal masquerading as a centrist and we can forget about Chris Dodd, Howard Dean, etc. Al Gore is strictly comedy relief.

Bottom line, so far our choices look like crap.

But it's way too early to even start worrying. Give it another six months or so. A lot can happen between now and then.

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Old Gary said...

The only "conservative" candidate that may have a chance is Newt Gingrich.

But he comes with a lot of baggage also. Remember how he divorced one of his previous wives?

Subvet said...

I completely agree. Gingrich would be a fantastic candidate, but because of the divorce and other things they'd make mincemeat of him.

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