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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gathering of Eagles.

Posting about the Gathering of Eagles again.

I absolutely cannot go. My newest child will be born any day now. Were it not for that I'd pack a sleeping bag, take the Greyhound north and be there on the 17th of March. It really burns my butt, but I cannot go.

If anyone reading this CAN go then I strongly urge you to. Because if you read this blog you're probably of a like mind with myself. You're probably sick and tired of the "PC" crap that gets handed out to us 24/7/365. You're probably tired of the revisionist history that ignores or outright lies about our military . If you're like me you're probably sick of the liberal mindset that says military service to our country is for losers, dummies, and racist, doublewide dwelling thugs. The perpetrators of these ideas wouldn't make a patch on a dead serviceman's ass and you're probably nauseated by the idea of these scum being anywhere near the Wall.

Isn't it time we fought back? Isn't it time we stood up to show our pride in our service and country? To let the Sheehans, Fondas and Clarks know they don't speak for us?

We've been nice and quiet for too long. We've allowed ourselves to be ignored by the MSM too long. We've seen our country taken over by a bunch of imbecilic, narcissistic, kumbahyay chanting, clueless twits. And we've seen the resulting degradation of that country, it's humiliation by thugs, two bit dictators, envious dingbats one step removed from Stone Age tribal cultures and butt-kissing liberals educated far beyond the capacity of their intellects. They've had their day in the sun.

Isn't it time to speak up and send them a message? To let the world in general and our countrymen specifically know that we're still around and we're not going to get crapped on anymore?

We all learned how to be quiet in the military. Now it's time to learn how to speak. Class will be held at the Wall on 3/17/2007.

If you can go, please do so. If like myself you can't, please get the word out and try to find a way of actively supporting those who go.

God bless our troops, God bless our country.

P.S. Anyone know if this guy is running for President?

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THIS is depressing!!
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