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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yet more stupidity.

This was found at Little Green Footballs.

Funny how a few years ago none of this stuff was going on. Are the Muslims ratcheting up a campaign of "victimhood" in this and other incidents in order to advance some sort of agenda?

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Did this chick just come over on the midwatch? Doubt it. Was she just hired at Target? Maybe, but there are so many incidents like this hitting the news lately. Incidents where the Muslims refuse service, such as the cabdrivers who suddenly won't transport anyone with booze, such as this chick, incidents such as the "flying imams", did all of these people just arrive and discover they'll have a hard time with their "religious observances"? I doubt it. They've been here for years, so what's happening now to bring on all this crap?

Notice how the article mentions she's not quite comfortable with refusing service. That tells me she's aware that this will bring on some attention. IMHO the Muslims are being egged on by their local leaders to make a stand, to generate attention. The frequency seems to be increasing and I don't think it's coincidental. I believe the followers of the pedophile prophet are stupid enough to believe they'll win some kind of PR war with this crap.

Check out the comment section that follows this article. The majority of posters exhibit the "fed up with Muslim BS" attitude I mentioned in the post above this one. And this didn't happen in a "red state", if anything I'd say it was in the heart of liberal, go-along-to-get-along country. I don't think the " I just want to practice my religion" ploy is working.

They're overplaying their hand and are too damned stupid to realize it.

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