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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can they walk and chew gum at the same time?

Just how stupid do they get?

This press conference was called to address the "flying imams" and their ongoing court battle. Seems to me the followers of the pedophile prophet would want to garner as much sympathy as possible. By booting a Christian news organization they're calling into question their own "tolerance" and "desire for dialog". Sure, the CBN probably won't give them much sympathy but barring their attendance isn't going to work in CAIR's favor either.

According to the report they also booted a reporter from the Washington Times when she asked an inconvenient question regarding the imam's behavior. THAT'LL win even more points for them! Maybe their animosity towards her was due to this article she had written last year.

You would think that after three different entities investigated the actions of the airline and gave them a pass, CAIR would move on to more promising territory. It's a measure of their stupidity and arrogance that they keep flogging this dead horse.

Although they're backed up by the Saudi's money these fools should realize that will only go so far. They might win the battle in the courtroom by bleeding the airline dry, but as this farce plays out and the American public gradually becomes more aware of these tactics they'll lose in the long run.

Perhaps they don't realize this, after all a large portion of the Islamofacists in our country are immigrants with the misconceptions of American culture held by non natives. So perhaps they're relying on the supposed success of claiming "victimhood" and "oppression" that may be seen as typical of our nation. If so, they're eventually in for a rude awakening. "Victimhood" is a ploy that has gotten real old over the years, it still enjoys success but nothing like it did ten years or so ago. For proof of this just check out how the affirmative action policies that were instituted in various areas are now being used by whites and Asians, the two groups who suffered most from these new versions of Jim Crow.

IMHO people in general are gradually waking up. As time goes on and the tactics of these nitwits continue in their arrogant course, the American public will become more impatient with Muslims as a whole. This is all a good thing and if I'm right, a cause for hope. Because it's not the violent jihadists we have the most to fear from, although they're certainly bad enough. Our greatest threat is from the nonviolent followers of the pervert prophet who will use our own tolerance and laws against us. If they cancel out the tolerance they'll be screwing themselves. Let's hope it's so.

And as I've said before, being a Muslim must lead to stupidity. They might be dangerous but God, can they ever be stupid!

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