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Friday, March 30, 2007

Christ in chocolate.


Some guy made a six foot sculpture of Jesus out of milk chocolate. Sounds kind of blasphemous, and these people agree with that. My first question was, will he replace the inscription of "INRI" with "EAT ME"? Just wondering.

Seemed like another Serrano (Piss Christ) moment for sure. But then I did a Google search on this guy, Cosimo Cavallaro, and nope. Just par for the course.

Check it out for yourself. This guy has covered a house in cheese, dumped a double butt ton of canned ham on a bed, put goldfish in a toilet and set a piano on fire. All in the name of his "art".

He's a certifiable loon, not blasphemous. The Catholic League does a lot of good but in this case they need to get over themselves.

Still wonder about the "INRI" inscription though.


Anonymous said...

That's how I felt. Artists are, well, artists. They love to work with bizarre materials. What's the difference between his chocolate Jesus and one made out of marble? It's are people. It's not like the Virgin Mary covered in elephant manure.

Subvet said...

Yeah, artists march to the beat of a different drum.

Now if the Catholic League really wants a worthwhile fight they should get involved with that NJ school that recently had a mock takeover by Christian fundamentalists. Seems just a bit too PC and unrealistic. Guess the school administration didn't want to offend the followers of the pedophile prophet.

Someone really needs to raise a stink about that sort of thing, all too many of our intelligentsia are concerned with "profiling" the only group thats routinely killing school children in the name of their god.

Just my opinion.

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