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Monday, February 05, 2007

Equal justice for all, NOT!

This makes me sick. And before we go ANY further, to put things in perspective;

a) I was an instructor for the Navy's Equal Opportunity Program Workshops from '84-91.
b) During the brief time I was a Pentecostal I attended a mostly black church, even became a deacon there.
c) At one recent job I was instrumental in the firing of a tenant's staffmember when he made a racial slur about one of my subordinates. A subordinate incidentally, whom I personally couldn't stand! And we were alone at the time he made the comment.

So if I'm a "racist" then fine. Bite me!

If the kids had been white would it have been different? Probably. Makes a good case for concealed carry laws, doesn't it?

What really hits me is this;

Penalties are to be increased only if initial discipline doesn't work.

Hey, this isn't a case of little Johnny getting in a schoolyard spat. These punks violently assualted three women based on nothing more than the color of their skin. Doesn't this fit the definition of "hate crime". And they get to go home and chill while watching the latest rap video? Maybe that's where they get pointers on how to treat women in general.

And if that wasn't nauseating enough, theres this little gem.

"A tenet of the juvenile system is to give a graduated response to the child acting out"

"Graduated response", I guess that means when they next attack someone the court will put 'em in the slammer for a week or so. The assualt after that will get them 90 days, etc and etc.

Maybe next time they'll attack another black and the wheels of justice will grind a little finer. Look out white folk, it won't happen for you!

This final quote says it all, "Juvenile Court is a joke," said Barbara Schneider, mother of Laura.

She's too kind, it doesn't stop with Juvenile Court.

Things like this convince me that the War Department will be taking the Concealed Carry course after she delivers.

Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

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THIS is depressing!!

THIS is depressing!!
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