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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Possible stupidity at work?

Background stories here and here.

In other posts I've opined that the Islamofacists are more likely to attack us via the ballot box than suicide bombers. That doesn't mean I'm completely deaf to the possibility of another 9/11 style assault. It could very well happen, given the porous nature of our borders and the sympathy of at least some of our resident Muslims. Once inside this country any illegal alien can disappear. Trust me on that one, I've met several over the years who did it successfully.

Take a scenario like this one; a few dozen jihadi martyr wannabe's scattered throughout the country. They'll do their work on a particular day, other than that there's no coordination between them. Some will drive 18 wheelers, some will fly small private planes, some will commandeer city buses, all on the agreed day. And on that day they detonate whatever explosives they have while driving/flying into various city/state government buildings or schools, or shopping malls, or whatever. And explosives are easy to manufacture and obtain.

Do you think Timothy McVeigh's fertilizer bomb in Oklahoma City was an anomaly, that it was the only way to blow something up on the cheap?

Do you think we might all sit up and take notice?

And I'm only positing a few dozen of these scum. Could easily be one hell of a lot more.

IMHO we're not the only ones being stupid. I'm sure there are plenty of jihadists ready to give us a run for that title. Plenty of them who don't comprehend the sheer size of our country and it's ability to bounce back. A terror attack like that might play out a lot different in a small country than here. In a smaller country like Malaysia they might roll right over for the Islamofacists, not necessarily so here. They may not realize that. They may not realize that would really twist the tail of the tiger. Not realizing it, they would act as I've described. Then all hell would break loose.

Miscalculations are something the Islamists have shown they're good at. In several works such as Mintner's "Shadow War" it's spoken of. One idea is that the jihadists didn't realize our economy wouldn't tank because of 9/11. Another is that they didn't realize we're a heck of a lot different than the Russians who invaded Afghanistan. Do you really think Bin Laden planned on living in a cave for this long? So doing something abysmally stupid is a possibility for them. We don't have a lock on stupid (thank God).

So if that happened, IMHO you'd see a pogrom against all Muslims in this country. We'd round 'em up and incarcerate 'em so fast, Stalin would be envious. We'd then proceed to stomp out the "religion" of Islam worldwide. At the same time we'd lock our borders up tighter than a bull's ass in fly time. Any illegals caught inside our country would get jailed so deep, yesterday's sunshine might reach them in two weeks. Freedom of dissenting speech and expression would be ended, PDQ. It would soon become the ugliest chapter of our history, brought on by the stupidity of the Islamists. We'd be on the road to empire, solely in the name of self defense.

If they're really that dumb then God help them.

With thanks to Jihad Watch for the information.

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