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Friday, January 05, 2007

Part of the solution or part of the problem?

We're on our own.

By that I mean no one is looking out for John Q. Public these days. The Fat Cats (FC's) in Washington are conducting business as usual in all areas.

On immigration, where most folks want the borders locked down and tighter controls instituted, the FC'S continue trying to woo the Hispanic vote. Only a few exceptions such as Tancredo are going against the tide. We The People are screwed regularly.

On the Global War on Terror, the name itself shows how politically correct the FC's are. It is no more a "war on terror" than WWII was a "war on blitzkreig". We're at war with the theologically based political ideology of Islam. The FC's won't say that because it might cost votes and make them look "Islamophobic". And We The People keep waiting for another 9/11.

We're on our own because no one will speak up for us. Illegal aliens have the highly vocal members of La Raza and other groups to press their case. We The People keep taking it as a fact that our laws will be enforced so we keep quiet while they're flouted and circumvented.

Same with the Islamic War (better name than GWOT, I think). CAIR and it's ilk raise their voices of victimhood on a regular basis and, because they're so loud, get attention. We The People keep thinking the good guys automatically win so we're quiet while idiots like the "flying imams" keep pushing for more concessions. They'll get them too, if our voices aren't heard.

Nobody is going to save our bacon for us. That cavalry ain't coming over the hill. We're on our own and better take care of ourselves.

IMHO this is still a nation of laws. So I won't be stocking up on bottled water and jerky, laying in a few dozen cases of ammo and booby-trapping my backyard fence. Not for a while anyway. But if we want to be heard we have to SPEAK UP!!

Speaking up means realizing those FC's work for us. They depend on you and I for their next paycheck. We have to hold them accountable. Our apathy has to be left behind and we've got to show how miserable it is to work for someone you haven't satisfied. And I for sure am NOT satisfied!

That means reading and commenting on the editorials in our local papers. To me that's pretty rotten right there. I despise the Dallas Morning News. But it's necessary to be heard. They and the rest of the MSM need a paycheck too. Their editorial policies only reflect what's going to turn a profit. We have to teach them to stop pissing on our backs and calling it rain water.

We have to comment on events of the day to our local city councils, school boards, church committees, etc. In my experience they're all filled with overeducated idiots who need to be put on a short leash.

We have to email the bat crap out of our state legislatures and likewise our national legislative branch. I say email because I've been told these days it's much more effective than snail mail. I got that information from the man who now heads up the Fleet Reserve Association as it's President. For anyone not in the know, that particular group is VERY active in lobbying Congress. And very successful at it too! So if he says that's the way to go, I'll take his word for it.

And after all the emails, after all the letters to the editor and the comments made at school board/city council/Crime Watch meetings we have to vote accordingly and spend our money accordingly. All these idiots work for us, that's something they should be reminded of 24/7/365.

IMHO this is the only way we can turn things around before it's time to stock up on survival items. And I'm not that big a fan of jerky.

What happens when We The People speak up and are heard? I'd like to remind everyone of MADD. It all started out with a pissed off mother whose kid got killed by a drunk. No one wanted to listen at first remember, those were the days when a drunk would get escorted home by the cops. She got blown off, but persisted. Persistance pays.

So with the idea in mind of encouraging civic involvement I'll be adding a couple of new links to my sidebar. If you don't already have an address to contact your Senators and Representatives these links will take you to sites where you can. Somehow I get the feeling a lot of folks reading this may be way ahead of me. That's okay. Someone might stumble in here and use them anyway.

I sure will. I don't want to be trying to explain to my kids someday why I never did anything to make the world better for them to live in.

"I can't never fucking could and never fucking will!"
MMC Gore
(boot camp company commander)


Anonymous said...

Good blog and good analogy on the video you posted.

I am a big supporter of writing to elected officials. Look at these two links - evident proof on how effective writing can be:

Subvet said...

Thanks for the "attaboy" and the links.

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