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Monday, January 22, 2007

On abortion and the Catholic Church.

The relevant article can be found here.

It's a good article and I won't gild the lily here. In my own experience there's never been a justification for abortion. Never. Every one whom I've met that had one did it for convenience and nothing else. The people I respected were those who later regretted the act. You can't unring a bell and they all seemed to wish they could.

As for the arguments I've heard in it's defense there's been;

1) What about incest? Well, what about it? It's evil, anyone guilty of it deserves a lifetime in the ironbar hotel learning how to be a "wife" to some 300 lb inmate. Killing an innocent child isn't going to undo the incest. The mother of the child isn't magically going to recover if you abort the baby. You might just make things worse by doing that. Adoption is always a solution after the birth. A victim of incest goes through hell, no doubt about it. It's a hell that lasts for years even under the best of circumstances. But killing the baby doesn't help.

2) It's a woman's choice! Chances are no one forced her onto her back and jacked her legs apart. Everything has consequences. What about the child's choice?

3) It isn't a baby till after birth! How do you know when a soul enters into a body? And yeah, there's going to be a religious aspect to it. I don't believe we're nothing more than high grade animals. Any discussion about this with me brings in the "God" factor. That's how it is.

4) You don't have the right to push your beliefs on others! Nope, sure don't. But the reverse holds true also. So my tax dollars shouldn't in any manner, way, shape or form go towards the perpetuation of what my religion and I regard as murder. If I remain silent I become complicit by that silence.

5) What about a woman who's been raped? See my answer to 1) above.

And that covers it.

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