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Monday, December 11, 2006

Something to make your head hurt.

I wonder if this is the shape of things to come?

At one time Pakistan was a lot more free and open. Remember when Benazir Bhutto was Prime Minister? How many other countries in that part of the world were run by women? Now they're trying to get back to where they once were and it's an uphill battle. I mean, c'mon. Protesting that women no longer need four male witnesses in order to prove the crime of rape? That's sharia law for ya, and sharia law is what gives a woody to the likes of CAIR and it's allies. Something they'd LOVE to have instituted here.

In my previous post I mentioned how it won't be a violent takeover by the Islamists that happens in America. Unlike Pakistan it'll happen in the ballot box (hello Keith Ellison) and in the legislative halls of our cities and states. Once they've mastered the art of being politically active we'll be facing a juggernaut. Not a single shot need be fired.

IMHO everyone who doesn't want their wife/daughter/girlfriend to be a Cousin It lookalike in a burqa has to start getting involved in their local politics. It's already hitting here in my own little corner of North Texas. Not too long ago a self-proclaimed Muslim showed up at our city council meeting and protested when the opening prayer was held. That prayer, because of this one knucklehead, was immediately modified to a moment of silence. With one exception none of the city council members wanted to be seen as bigots. The fox is in the henhouse and he knows how to game the system.

T0 add a bit more perspective, this happened in a little town where the biggest item on the police blotter is loose livestock near the main highway. It was one of the prime attractions for the War Department and myself.

So, what's going on in YOUR neck of the woods?

With the apathy exhibited by the typical American towards politics, how long will it be before WE'LL be hoping that rape isn't covered under local sharia law? Who wants to bet the local imams aren't exhorting their faithful to follow Allah's will and vote accordingly? Jihad doesn't always have to be violent.

Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Well at least your not in Chicago where we pass down our elected offices to our children.

Welcome to Illinois come and vote early and often.

Subvet said...

Too true. But down here in Texas even the dead can vote, something we share with you folks up there!

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THIS is depressing!!
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